• Jairam Mohan

    I don’t blame you at all for thanking the fact that you are not having to bring up your daughter in today’s India. Like you say any amount of counter-measures and safety precautions will not help in a country like ours where men are so sexually repressed that they rape even 3 yr old girls.

    Nice strong post, and hey, don’t apologize for not being patriotic about a country like ours where more rapes go unreported compared to the ones that are highly publicized like the Nirbhaya one and the Mumbai one…

    • sirisha achanta

      Sigh! Its a harsh reality but so tough to accept!

  • I am glad that you are not in India. I am glad your daughter does not have to grow up here. And I too am glad your brother and husband will not get hurt defending their women’s honour. I understand you feeling ‘unpartiotic’. 13 years in Delhi as student, employee, wife, mother, and I know every passing day exactly what you mean. Feel ashamed of the men who make you feel so, but never feel ashamed of yourself for thinking so, Sirisha. God bless!

    • sirisha achanta

      God Bless all us women!

  • V ki Amma

    Oh don’t feel unpatriotic Sirisha! We who live in India feel the same. I find very little to be proud of myself. Being a part of this society that is constantly in fear. Be happy that you are giving your daughter a carefree childhood. Read this…http://sahajapatel.wordpress.com/2013/06/08/its-a-baby-girl/ It will not make you feel guilty any more.

    • sirisha achanta

      Wow that is such an eloquent and articulate article written .. it describes similar feelings in a better way!

  • sirisha achanta

    Yes sad but true!