• You are right Divya, nothing can beat the fun under the sun. I am so scared of my daughter calling sand to be dirty and keeping herself indoor. I want her to explore the grounds and play.

    • raodivya

      Playground play is so important isn’t it? I have seen few kids who do not want to get messy, that’s just a phase I guess. Thanks for your comments!

  • If you consciously analyse the advertisements, you will be shocked at what kind of message they pass on to little minds. We, the adults, understand that now advertising is about exaggeration but kids don’t. I remember I had read somewhere that ads lower the self esteem of kids unless the child is a white boy. I think DVDs would still be better option because you have control on what you are showing to the kids.

    • raodivya

      Tell me about it Reema!! The Ads are so misleading, overload of information. You are right, DVDs are best. Also, they have a beginning and an end, unlike TV.

      • You know, I am wary about these so-called learning series also. Dora, the explorer! So far I have only heard about it but I have already noticed a plethora of Dora merchandise in children’s section. In fact, recently when I went shopping for my kiddo’s shoes, there wasn’t even one pair which did not have a cartoon character on it 🙁
        I loved Barbie when I was a kid though I did not have one, in retrospect, I had much cuter, roly poly dolls but Barbies were aspirational. But now, I hate the sight of them. They are unreal!

  • Ah TV – cannot live with or without in my case…my kidlet watches some TV and she has sadly outgrown CBeebies (Oh! and now they are going to be off air too).. I try to maintain a balance though – lots of physical play is essential for the little madam. And an excellent website with a plethora of very interesting games is pbskids dot org – check it out!

    • raodivya

      You said it, balance is important. And thanks for the website link Nidhi, will have to try it out for my kiddo.

  • Exactly my worry….and that is one reason we don’t allow kids to watch TV much (luckily, they dont like it themselves, so it saves me the trouble 😀 )
    I haven’t let my 4-year old twins play games on the laptop yet. Games can be addictive and I’m apprehensive of them staring into the screens at close range 😐

    • raodivya

      Laptop isn’t a big hit with my kiddo. She likes to use my phone though. Phone games like puzzles and doodles are very good for kids. My kiddo learnt to recognize and write alphabets very quickly through interactive games.

  • Sirisha

    There is a research that says any screentime before Age 2 is bad for kids. After the age of 2, it is supposed to be limited to 15 mins at a time not spanning for more than 2 hours for the whole day.
    It’s really difficult to stay of the telly completely.. I am trying to stay off but a bit of CBeebies here n there interests the toddler ESP when she’s at grandparents place. I had a rule of a no Tv when she is awake. All tv for mom n dad only after she sleeps.

    • raodivya

      Yep Sirisha, its all about balancing. Our weekday TV watching is generally after kiddo sleeps but on weekends it gets a bit tricky. Thanks for sharing your views here.

  • It would seem weird to many that we do not have cable TV! Our kids watch specific programs from Netflix and a free children’s educational channel, which shows Curious George, Barney, Sesame street etc. So, they have yet to be exposed to a multitude of ads or profanity etc. It works and we have yet to miss watching mindless TV!!

    • raodivya

      Roshni, glad to know that I am not alone!! I get the same reaction for not subscribing to ANY of the cartoon networks. Some tell me that I am depriving my kid from all the fun!!

  • rachana sharma

    Another mild piece of writing from the author. Congrats Divya!
    The article effectively repose the challenge to our generation. I share parents’ concern. Definitely we should regulate the screen content and time to our best but I think we should also start preparing our children to decode the information in most positive way as it is impossible to eradicate all the possibilities of exposure.

    • raodivya

      That’s a good suggestion Rachana. We cannot protect our kids covered in our pallu for long. We have to teach them to interpret the world.

      The other day my kiddo hit me in the eye like Jerry hits Tom. Thereafter, I sit with her to explain to her about few scenes and ask her to think if its really feasible in human world.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.