The Darned Things He Says

This epic post is all about what things my son can say,
Oh dear Gods forgive me, what darned words this may contain.
Parents too I will advice, throw not caution to the air,
Shut those eyes the moment you see what shouldn’t be here.

The Darned Things He Says - Darnedest Things Kids Say - When Kids Start Speaking

The first cry was just a mew, but that didn’t last a day,
“Ailaa Ailaa” is how he howled when he wanted to have his way.
Filmy and sweet is what you say, but lightening too once struck,
When Miss Punjabi heard “Laila Laila” for herself, uttered.’

Ok, so he was teething, but just how so coincidentally,
Smoochie sounds he made only when he spotted a little girly?
And while I was on every “muah” learning to duck and run,
On he went to learn a big word called “belly button”.

Out it popped and was announced, the moment sleep arrived,
While one hand held the walking support, other’s pointer hid inside.
Cute you say but dear me, just how it made me red,
When the little imp wanted to check the b.buttons on his guests!

While pride is what I felt when he knew a rabbit from a frog,
“Oh there’s a fock, a big fock!” he ran screaming all agog.
I dug a hole, my head inside, as he chased a “fock” in the rain,
1 uncle 1 aunty on the park bench certainly seemed to faint.

The Darned Things He Says

The how-to-say and what-to-say are getting fine, no doubt,
But permutations and combinations are still keeping much sense out.
Aachoo, and “bless you” is all good, but the drops of snot he saw,
“Oh, little little bless you came on my new pajama.”

Getting older and perceptive, getting very observant too,
“What are you thinking?” says he every time I stare at the Moon.
If daddy hiccups he asks “Are you ok?” with deep concern,
And “Do you have an idea?” when he’s lolling in boredom.

He pulls our legs when he sings Old McDonald in the car,
“Papa says mew-mew and Mumma says ro-aar!”
But best of all is that our love for him he too can see,
And announces “Mumma, papa, baby is a happy family”.

I thought of writing this instead of baby gyan this time,
Sharing silly-dilly things, perhaps spreading a few sweet smiles.
I’m sure you have examples of how your tots have too,
Said the darnedest things you hoped and prayed were heard by just a few.

Sakshi Nanda went from studying Literature to serving the print media and finally settling with two publishing houses who called her editor for a couple of hard-bounds, no more! She writes as a work-from-home mother to realize herself as well as to be read, both – with her 2-year-old boy and her sarkari babu beau as the greatest source of ideas and inspiration. She believes eating baby food is therapeutic and that the pen is man’s best invention, after diapers that is! Meet her at:

  • Growing up and learning how to express … they say the darndest things!

    • Yes, @phoenixritu:disqus. And when grown up, they will learn to do them too. 😛

  • V ki Amma

    Hahahah!! Too cute Sakshi! I have to meet him now 🙂

    • When oh When. I have been asking you forever now! Let’s make it soon. 🙂 @vkiamma:disqus

      • V ki Amma

        Working Momma re! We have to count on a chutti ka din…lets plan something.

  • sirisha achanta

    Its so much fun reading these ones.. I was laughing throughout ! I had written a similar one a few months back ( I think I’ll do a part 2.. 😀

    • I shall read yours and laugh too. Do do a Part 2, would love to read that too. @sirishaachanta:disqus 🙂

  • Jairam Mohan

    Wow, as if your posts were not good enough, turns out that you are awesome at poetry too.

    This was such a sweet post and can completely relate to it given that little R also has her own funny moments…

    • Thank you for calling it poetry, @jairammohan:disqus. At best, they are sing-alongs. 😛 I’m sure your R has got you rolling with laughter too. The magic that kids weave into our lives! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  • Ha Ha… wait till he starts jingling some of the ads on TV….watch out for the ones you don’t want him to even know the product at this age…. 🙂

    • I thought this was it, @desitraveler:disqus. You are making me very scared of the unknown now! :O Thanks for reading though! 🙂


    Good-one. Wait till he grows big enough to read and react for making his private life public.

    • Haha, mummy. I’m preparing myself for that day. Although, you have to give it to me keeping the better parts still hidden from public eyes and ears! 😉 @sunitarekhi:disqus

  • Now this is the sort of poetry I can read and enjoy 🙂

    • And this is the only sort of “poetry” (i.e. sing-along) that I can guarantee you through my pen, @c_suresh:disqus :).

  • Juztamom

    Awwww this is so sweet and so special!! God bless him and may he learn more and more!!

  • Blasphemous Aesthete

    Awww, children make us children again, don’t they 😀

    • That’s IF we grew up enough ourselves before having our children! 😛 @blasphemousaesthete:disqus

      • Blasphemous Aesthete

        hahaha right!

  • Reema Sahay

    Ah! the things you say, and the way you say them 🙂

  • Swati Nitin Gupta

    Lovely post Sakshi yes even I have these moments. 🙂

    • I’m sure, kids are such wonder bags of fun!! Thanks for reading, @swatinitingupta:disqus 🙂

  • 😀 Thanks, maasi! 😀

  • Thanks, @disqus_faJDaT7S4j:disqus 🙂

  • स्वाति जैन

    😀 😀 i know how it feels…
    my lil one knows words like khatarnak, aapki wajah se etc etc from chota bheem…whenever some guest leaves our place, his next question is…mumma aapki wajah se wo log gaye…
    any tough touch screen or tata skype game is khatarnak…
    many more words like that used at his leisure to make him smile and confused…:D