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Christmas, Santa and Kids!!

I am not a Christian but I have always been fond of Christmas. Since I was a kid I have believed in Santa Claus. I would make sure I was nice all-round the year so that the red-man on the sledge who came all the way from God’s land never skipped to drop a present for me.

Christmas Santa Kids

The night before Christmas, I would hang my socks by my bedside reminding Santa that I had really been very good this year and I was a deserving one for his love. The wish was never meant for something in particular but the whole aim was to have a gift in my socks.

The morning would be a pleasant one and I would never be disappointed. There would be a small gift well-wrapped in my socks and my happiness would know no bounds. I would run around the house holding my gift and showing around to my parents and my friends. Some would not believe me because Santa never brought them any gifts. But my belief in Santa and his blessings never vanished. Another aspect of Christmas that I have adored forever is the gifts studded green tree that looks stunning with the twinkling bulbs and the big shining star at its top.

A few years down the line, when I was old enough, I easily found out who my Santa was for all these years. You guessed it right they were my parents.

My Mum and Dad would buy me a small piece and wrap it perfectly for me always and I was really impressed that they had managed to do it for quite many years. This was their way of letting me know that they loved me and I was a nice kiddo. Thanks Mommy and thanks Daddy!!  A few times they would take me to a church and tell me stories behind the spirit and the belief of the festival but as I said we are not Christians so there was quite much that I didn’t know and I learnt by reading. The story books on Christmas which I love reading till date, enlightened me further. The more I read about it, my love multiplied for this beautiful and gorgeous festival.

Christmas Tree and Lights

But today’s kids, do they really know what Christmas is all about? I guess the real meaning is getting lost for them. And why only kids, it applies on us also. Just because Santa doesn’t bring gifts for us grown-ups, we are least bothered how we behave all year. How unfair, isn’t it? I wish there was a fear that would prevent us from doing insane, incorrect. Wish there was a Santa who would black-mark us and not bring the gift for us that we dearly wanted. It would drive us to mend our ways and make our lives more peaceful and merrier.

For the tiny-tots who are still aloof from this world of manipulations, let’s resolve to convey to them the real spirit of this festival. I would love to share a few truths about the moment, about the day and its relative gestures.

  • RED is the first colour of the festival and thus Santa is dressed in Red. Red reminds us of Christ’s sacrifice. It is the colour of blood which flows in our veins and it stands for Life.
  • GREEN is the second colour of the festival. It reiterates that life is present all around us and even Jesus is omnipresent. Christmas tree symbolises life in plants and leaves and strengthens our belief in God’s grace all the time.
  • The needle pointing upwards reminds us that heaven is upwards and mankind has evolved from there and would end up there only. Thus we have to be good and do well and be God-fearing always.
  • The shiny star and the candles are to enlighten us that we must bring smiles and brightness in our lives and in other lives too. We must shine and glorify the creations of God and protect humanity with the brilliance of our power.
  • The candy cane in the shape of J is the first letter of Jesus and it teaches us about his sacrificing and sinless nature. The bells are there to ring and guide us in our life-like a true saviour.
  • White is the blessed colour of the festival that is all about peace and merry-making. Its’ about Christmas being celebrated when its winter time and somewhere it has a connection with cottony snow.

Hope we succeed in sharing the best with our kids so that they grow up to be good human beings. I am sure we know the essence of all the festivals that we celebrate but sadly we have not been able to carry forward the lessons and true feelings behind them.

For most of us in India, Diwali is a big festival and it is about victory of good over the bad. The demon Ravana was killed by God Ram. But where is the Ram of this century or why is everyone turning into a Ravana these days? If everyone feared God or dreaded the end of Ravana, there would never have been a case of six monsters playing with the live and dignity of a sweet girl. I pray and wish our kids don’t turn into hooligans or rogues.

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