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My Pregnancy Gift List

Oh yes, I was quite unashamed and unabashed when it came to creating my own gift-list during pregnancy. These nine months when you prepare to become a mother are one of the most important stages of your life, one that sees you transitioning from a woman to someone who will hold a new life within her, someone who will nurture that little tiny life and help it grow, finally bringing it into this world! Now isn’t that something?

Many Indian cultures don’t believe in buying or sharing any baby-related gifts before the birth of the baby, and when it comes to gifting something to the mommy-to-be, some things are just too personal, and most of the time, I prefer getting my own things as per my choice, unless of course someone’s gifting me a book, for which I’m always super-ready 🙂

As my body started showing signs of change, I did some reading up and realised there were a few essentials I definitely needed. So during my pregnancy, I make a kind of check list about the things I wanted for myself, things that would ease those nine months for me, while also keeping me safe and snug.

Stretch mark reduction cream: I started using this a bit late, ideally, an anti-stretch-mark cream should be used from the moment you conceive, but in my case, I began using it almost around the end of the second month!

Exercise mat: I didn’t want to bloat up suddenly during those nine months and was sure I wanted to carry on some form of exercise. So I got myself a nice comfortable exercise mat, the ones that are easily available in any sports stores or even some toy stores! You can ask for an exercise mat or a yoga mat, it’s the same thing.

A nice folder for all my pregnancy medical records: Yes, this was a big essential I got myself and I call it a gift for myself because I love shopping for stationery, and am always on the lookout for fun and interesting notebooks and folders and the like! So you see, it was kind of a gift. What with so many doctor visits and so many tests and reports and prescriptions, it was imperative that I keep them safely in one place, to make it easier to pick out an old report that may suddenly be needed.

A good mattress and a soft pillow: Especially since I have very poor sleeping habits and get very light sleep, I remember we changed our mattress and got a new one that was super-soft and comfortable, while also being sturdy enough to help maintain a good posture even while lying down.

Comfortable footwear: My many heels and wedges and boots were shoved to the back of the shoe cupboard. Yes, I was sad, but I knew it was important, and they really didn’t come out again till my daughter was about 2 years of age! But come on, getting these off my daily list meant I got to shop for new ones! So in came the flats and the sandals and the ballerinas. I wasn’t complaining that much really.

Pregnancy clothes: I was one of those lucky ones who don’t begin to show till the third trimester. Till my fifth month, no one realised I was pregnant by looking at me! And I must admit it caused enough tension and stress inside me since I had seen a few to-be mums who were showing quite a bit during the initial months too. So till about the fifth month I didn’t really need a big wardrobe change. But once I hit the sixth month, I went for a change of clothes and got myself a lot of comfortable clothes that would help me during pregnancy and also be useful after delivery, and especially for nursing.

Anti-itching oil: My husband picked up a very nice and fragrant one on of his trips abroad (they are easily available in India too). I have very dry skin, and during pregnancy, it was more dry than usual. So I always had a kind of itchy and uncomfortable feeling around the tummy. The oil helped me a lot.

Books books and more books: I got lots and lots of them. I got books on pregnancy the moment I realised I was pregnant. I read everything about what to do during pregnancy, how the baby develops inside the mother’s body and what parenting is all about, the joys and the travails that come with the best job in the world! Plus I also got myself loads of books in other genres that I read during my leisure and resting time.

Comfortable lingerie: I got myself a lot of new nightwear in pure cotton, as I wanted my skin to breathe easy.

Massage oil: I didn’t have swollen feet, but I used the massage oil over my legs and my back, just to ease up my body a bit.

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Plus I got a beautiful baby scrap-book, I got lots of picture frames, my hubby gifted me a new cam, and there were also some more things I did buy for myself that I don’t remember right now. It was fun girls, it was fun!

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