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Toddler Proofing Your Home


Are you enjoying seeing your baby growing up into a toddler? I am sure you are!!


At this age, other than moving into a notoriously erratic behaviour phase your munchkin is also feeling an urge to touch, climb, jump and even fly around. We as mothers loose our sleep worrying about the potential safety threats for our kids present outdoors but we tend to ignore those present inside our own house. Being a mother of two ever active toddler girls, I know how much kids at this age want to explore every nook and cranny of the dwelling knowing nothing about the dangers around them which calls for an urgent need to implement appropriate measures for the child’s safety inside the house. I am sharing a helpful checklist of precautions for your reference to ensure that you do the toddler proofing of your home and ensure the safety of your little mover.

1) Childproof your balconies – When you have a tot at home you cannot afford to ignore the balcony safety. It’s all too easy for them to fall from balconies. So, never trust your baby, it’s that simple. The balcony railing should not be spaced too much apart and you should also watch out for the height of the railings which may need to be raised high enough to prevent your little one from getting tempted to climb over it.

2) Cover the socket holes – I always have a hard time stopping my 17 months old daughter from putting her fingers and sticking objects in the open plug holes which she always finds so fascinating. Although, I agree that socket holes are more of a security threat in relatively older houses since most of the newly built homes have child proof electricity outlets already installed, but what about those extension cords lying around the house attached to your computer or television?
You can ensure the safety of your baby by inserting switch caps into the dual hole positions of the sockets. This safety accessory is easily available on many baby product shopping sites.

3) Keep sharp and pointed objects away – Always make sure to store all sharp objects out of your courageous explorer’s reach like scissors, knives, pens, pencils, safety pins, forks etc. Never leave your child unattended inside the bathroom which is often an abode for much dangerous stuff like razors, trimmers, and scissors. Don’t let your tot walk or run holding any sharp or pointed object.

4) Door safety – This is often ignored until an accident occurs. I myself have recently realized the importance of door safety in the house when my daughter trapped her little fingers in the hinge gap of the bathroom door and ripped off one of her finger nails. Safety door drawer guards should be installed without fail to prevent kids from slamming door and getting any sorts of injuries. A variety of them is available in various baby stores and online portals.

5) Install edge bumpers – It is very common for toddlers to fall against the sharp edges of the furniture and hurt themselves. So, fixing the foam edge bumpers to the sharp edges of the cornered furniture to protect your little one around the house is a good idea. They can also be easily removed when no longer required.

The baby proofing checklist can be endless but hopefully the one above will help you decide on how to start. Always remember that it is never too early to start implementing these ideas. You can start off even before your baby becomes mobile so that the whole baby proofing thing doesn’t get too overwhelming once your little one starts rushing round the house like a little tornado.

Happy Parenting!!!