Perfect Way To Celebrate Your Child’s 1st Birthday!

1st Birthdays are so special, for you more than it is for your little one. We want to do our best to celebrate our little one’s 1st in the best possible manner. I completely understand as parents, we want to throw a big bash and want to call everyone and anyone we know to the party. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Big 1st birthday parties… and there are reasons for the same.

I always wonder what can be the reasons as in… the real reasons for investing so much into your child’s first birthday. It’s not that we didn’t prepare for our daughter’s 1st, we did… but we celebrated in the best possible manner we could have thought of.

We went on a fun week long vacation to Goa and Z enjoyed it as much as we did. We enjoyed it so much, that we went on a holiday on her 2 and are going back to Goa for her 3rd soon.

Here are my reasons for not celebrating Z’s 1st in the conventional manner:

  • My 1 year old won’t remember anything about it: This is the biggest reason why I didn’t want a party. The star of the evening would not remember anything about the party. I don’t think it is worth it. Your 1-year old might even get scared of strangers as well… I thought I would do a ‘proper party’ when she is 3, but right now Z doesn’t want a party… but she wants to party in Goa!!! So, I guess we will wait for a year or two, because now I’m itching to throw a party 😛
  • You can spend your money on something which will last a little longer: You can take a vacation, shop for your little one, pamper her/him a little. Here are some more interesting ideas you can choose from:
  1. Save money for their education or maybe a big birthday bash when s/he is big enough to enjoy.

  2. Celebrate in an orphanage or an old age home.

  3. Donate.

  4. Hire a photographer and click your child’s candid pictures.

  5. Go for a nice lunch/dinner with close family and a few relatives.

  • Remember… if you are throwing a big bash, it isn’t for your baby: Honestly, the 1st party is more for the parents and not for the kid. It’s the parents, grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts, friends of parents, etc. celebrating. Check the guest list of your child’s 1st birthday and count the number of babies who attended the party. You will know what I’m talking about.
  • Your child will not be Comfortable: Party means lots of people… Zoe was going through major separation anxiety around her 1st birthday. She used to get upset when there were lots of people around. Kids that age generally prefer individual attention. They want things to be closer to normal, and a big party means your child will be introduced to many new things all of a sudden.

First birthdays are special, keep them special for your little one as well.

A story-teller, a Communication Trainer, a Parenting Blogger, a wife to her best friend and mum to the most adorable 2-year-old – Zoe. Falak Randerian, plays many roles, her favorite Being Zoe’s Mom. She runs story telling & communication workshop for kids My Little Chatterbox. You can read her personal blog Being Zoe’s Mom and her parenting website which she runs along with her elder sister .

  • Falak, this is a cute post. If only most parents think like this. I didn’t way back…

    • Falak Randerian

      My only intention to write the post was to get the message out there to a few other parents 🙂

  • V ki Amma

    Falak, well said and pretty much my reasons behind not celebrating my son’s birthday. On his first, we spent time at an orphanage. On his second, we went out for a family lunch and called his favourite cousin for dinner. He laughed and played to his heart’s desire. We have decided not to have a party until he turns 5. 🙂

    • Falak Randerian

      Totally… I actually asked Z this year it self and will do that from now on.

  • Yamini Vijendran

    Rightly said Falak. We too didn’t celebrate our son’s first 2 birthday parties for all the same reasons you have mentioned. Just last week he turned 3, and this time we did have a party… because now he knows what birthday cake is and we wanted him to have a jolly time with all his friends around. However we mostly will not be going the party way next year – probably take a vacation or do some charity. In fact, I wrote a piece on similar lines last week –

    • Falak Randerian

      This time around I asked Z what she wanted and she said “Happy Birthday in Goa” so that it was … and no birthday of her’s goes without the ‘cake cutting’ 🙂

  • Reema Sahay

    I am hundred percent with you on this. And that is the reason I did not throw a party for my son’s first birthday too. In any case, I don’t want to associate birthdays with parties from such a young age. Even parents confess that the parties are really for them and not their kids because many times friends and family are expecting a party and they feel the need to comply. I did not throw a party even for his second birthday, instead we went out of town. Of course, we will celebrate his birthdays but there are hundreds of non-party ways to do that, and even if he wanted a party in future, it would be small and personal, at home. I won’t be calling my friends, my husband’s colleagues, and so on and so forth 🙂

    • Falak Randerian

      Totally with you Reema, as I said when I have a party for Z it will be an extremely low key… personal yet fun affair at home 🙂

  • sirisha achanta

    We are that family straight out Karan Johar’s movies who celebrate n party for every single reason :p right from my daughters naming to her birthdays, we have had gatherings. She is the one bring the house down and being the party attention almost everyttime.She loves people just for this reason I believe. For me birthday parties are all about fun, I don’t commercialise them.. I bake my own cake, I craft my own hangings and call on select neighbourhood children and don’t serve them cake n chips ! 🙂 having said this I also can see where you are coming from. I couldn’t have a party on her 3 rd birthday coz we recently migrated but still we had loads of fun !

    • Falak Randerian

      I agree in celebrating with people who are genuinely close to us. And whenever I will have a party for Z’s birthday it will be a small party with her close friends, family and couple of our friends 🙂

  • Priya Chauhan

    Who says that babies at their first b’day are not Comfortable in Party, with lots of people… You are wrong!!! If you will have a look on my baby’s first b’day party pictures, you will be amazed to see how much my lil champ enjoyed in his first birthday party… He was enjoying the attention of guests so much that he was clapping, waving and laughing with joy.. He might not remember the celebration but I think his happiness in the party is our reward.

    • admin

      Hey Priya! That sounds like a great party..and we’re sure your child will like seeing his happy pictures when he grows up. Throwing a huge party or not is an individual choice and what matters in the end is the happiness of your little one and your family, right? 🙂

  • If I may then I would like to add one more suggestion to it, try The Shared Birthday Project if you’re in Delhi, India.