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The Parent-Train

We feed them and we burp them
We love them to death

We scold them and scare them
Watch their every step


We coddle them and discipline them
And teach them all we know

We help them scale heights
And hold them when they’re low

From the moment they are born
Till the minute we die

Our little ones remain
The twinkles of our eye

Parenthood is a ride
Unlike any other

Once the train’s boarded
There is no going back

The journey is long and arduous
But truth be told

There is no greater joy in this world
Than to have a child to love and to hold


A mom of two, Sapna is a business woman, an avid book lover, a stand in decorator for her restaurants, a movie buff, a social worker by training and a “change maker” by choice. A dreamer, like her name suggests, she says she is dangerously sentimental and an idealist at heart. Married to her childhood sweetheart she lives in a small city in Rajasthan with her kids Maya 8 yrs. and Kabir 7 yrs. She started blogging a year back and uses her blog  justanotherwakeupcall to make new friends and connect with people.