The 5 Point New Mom Survival Guide

Are you a new mommy? I am too and here is my 5 point new mom survival guide!

The 5 Point New Mom Survival Guide

  1. Be ready to be an emotional wreck for the first few weeks. In my experience, for a few good months. And according to my mom, for the rest of your life. (I think she’s right). You might like kids before, but you have no idea how overwhelming it is to hold your own child – half you and half your husband –in your arms. Nothing prepares you for the emotional hit your brand new baby gives you. So keep the tissues handy!

  3. Babies cry. Accept it.

  5. Breast feeding is not as easy as it sounds. Either the baby won’t suckle, or won’t latch properly. Either the lactation will be very  little or you’ll lactate enough to wet your new breast pads (smart purchase, this!) and then your tee shirt shows huge embarrassing patches. The baby needs to be fed often and your back begs for mercy. Your nipples get sore and breast pumps become your constant companion. What did I tell you? Not. Easy.

  7. Don’t compare. Every child is different, even as infants. Yours might sleep less than your friend’s and pee more than your neighbour’s but as long as she’s healthy, there’s no need to compare notes and panic. Babies are little people with different and very distinct personalities. Some sleep better and some eat better, some might crawl early and some might talk late. Relax. Enjoy every new day with your new born, everything will happen in due time.

  9. Ignoring most of the advice is a good idea. Really. Because people will drown you in unwanted, bizarre and lame advice about the baby. ‘Don’t wake the child for feed! Let her sleep peacefully.’ ‘Wake the child for feed! How else will she sleep?’’Diapers are unhealthy!’ ‘Cough syrups are evil!’ ‘No water for the baby? Your doctor is crazy!’Good Lord.  Just trust your doctor and I’d say your parents because they did it right with you, right?

Aditi Mathur was born on Feb the 14th and since then it has all been awkward for her. A strong believer of “Whatever!”, an ex-advertising girl, a once-upon-a-time blogger, an out-of-place Army Wife and a real-life social person, she has now given up everything for her adorable almost-six-months old daughter Gauri (Um, also for Twitter, actually). Stalk her at at or  @adicrazy on Twitter. Or Not. Whatever.

  • Roshni

    Bingo!!! Enough said!

  • Hi Aditi,

    Well said, specially point 5! And the real reason I commented, I get what you mean about being an out of place Army wife 😉

    • OMG are you an Army wife too? haha. If you met me you’d know what a misfit I am. Thank you for liking the post. 🙂

  • Bang on with the pointers. Two times over, I have had the highs and lows of holding a little blob of myself and bawling over them. The breastfeeding bit made me nod so much, my neck now hurts. Superbly written. Whatever 🙂

    • I know, right! RIGHT? Breast feeding sounded so damn easy until the baby. I won’t say a lot, but know this – I might be the person who’s bought the maximum number of breast pads in the last seven months. Phew.

      Thank you so much for liking the post.

  • Preeti

    Totally agreed 🙂

  • This is excellent! I especially love #4 and #5. Really, they all turn out okay in the end. I would add to #3 that breastfeeding tends to become easier after awhile. I felt like we became a little nursing team after those difficult months and missed it when they eventually weaned. I think the support of other mamas and acknowledging it’s not easy helps new moms so much! Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

    • You are SO right.
      After seven months, I feel like I could give tips on breast feeding. Don’t remember what was all the fuss all about in the beginning, ha ha. But it was not what I had expected, maybe that’s what took me by surprize. And now when she’s starting solids, I secretly feel a bit let down – all that bonding time with her is awesome. I’m crazy. 🙂
      And I wouldn’t have survived without the help of fellow new mommies around me, god bless each one of them.
      Thank you for liking it 🙂

  • Dr Mandeep

    oh i wont mind ANY of it for one of my own !!!!

    • Of course! No mother minds anything when it comes to our little baby boo! I’ve had poop on my face and I still think it was awesome – this is what motherhood does to us. 😀

      Thank you Mandy for dropping by!

  • Absolutely true Aditi. I too faced the breastfeeding problems. Initially my baby would not latch properly , next the lactation was very little and next the back pain due to sitting up all night breast feeding. And after 7 months the bites with his newly acquired weapon called milk teeth, which still continues. And what more the wounds of the bite doesn’t get the time to heal.

    • I hear you sister! Mine turned 7 months a few days back and I’m dreading the teething 😛 Initially, because of a C-Sec, I could not sit properly to feed and I would pray for my body to heal at superhuman rate. I have overflowing breasts and a child with tiny appetite. She feeds often, but in less quantity. Imagine the “pain” i put through. But yeah, its getting better. 🙂

      Hugs to your little nugget and thank for liking the post, Seena!

  • garima

    Hi Adi,

    Loong time! Enjoy life!!! 🙂

  • Very-very insightful article!! Thanks for sharing Aditi. It was a wonderful read:)