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6 Healthy Summer Foods For Kids

The El Nino effect has brought in drier than normal conditions. So it would be wise to include a lot of healthy fruits and veggies in your diet to keep your family safe. During summer, kids have a tendency to eat a lot of junk food. This article will guide you to include healthy fruits in your kid’s diet. These tasty, cool and hydrating fruits will enhance the health of your kids.

Tender Coconut
What a lovely way to enjoy your summer – to sip refreshing, cold, tender coconut water! Make sure that your kids drink this super healthy natural drink this summer. It is low in calories and cholesterol, is hydrating and contains more potassium than 4 bananas!

Coconut water contains bio active compounds that pep up your kid’s digestion and metabolism. It contains calcium, iron, manganese, zinc and magnesium. It’s a great source of B-complex vitamins. Good for all around growth and development.

This bright yellow fruit brings with it all things positive and sunny. When you bite into the deliciously sweet flesh of mangoes, you get all the nutritional goodness they have to offer.

Mangoes are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and dietary fiber. They fight cancer, promote eye health, prevent heat stroke and strengthen the immune system. Mango contains glutamic acid which boosts concentration and memory. It is good for teenage girls as it is rich in iron.

These juicy fruits are rich in Vitamin C which offers antioxidant protection. This tangy vitamin also boosts immunity. Not only are oranges rich in Vitamin C, they also contain flavonoids, cyanidin-3 glucoside, and carotenoids. They all boost your kid’s overall health.

So the best tip by experts is to drink a glass of pure orange juice, rather than Vitamin C fortified drinks. Organic foods contain more amounts of phytonutrients. So try to go for organic oranges.

Watermelons are great sources of lycopene which boosts cardiovascular and bone health. So consuming it is important for your kid’s growth and development. There is a general belief that kids grow faster in summer. So this precious fruit will aid their growth.

It also contains citrulline which increases blood flow in the body. So this process cools our body in this hot summer. Most of the time kids will be playing outdoors because of school holidays. Watermelon will ensure that your kids are properly hydrated.

These yummy fruits are rich in vitamins A, B6, C, and folate. They prevent fatigue and boost the energy reserves of the body. They also contain minerals like potassium, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and iron.

All these minerals are essential for your kid’s development. So get creative and make a cold, refreshing smoothie and serve it in tall glasses. Your kids will gulp it down in one go.

Easily available and tasty, they are prepackaged in their own yellow jackets. They have a whopping 400 plus mg of potassium. It boosts muscle function and heart rhythm, so your kids grow strong, muscular and healthy. The unique mix of minerals, vitamins and low glycemic carbohydrates enhances the athletic performance of your kids. How awesome is that?

Summer times carry many golden memories. These are the times when your kids are with you most of the time because of school holidays. Include all these fruits in their diet in creative ways and watch them grow and prosper.

Swarnam John is an experienced health and wellness writer. She writes the blog healthyhomosapien. She is also a contributor to a couple of prestigious online magazines.