• Shatru Ladli

    How aptly written! 🙂 Much love to you and V!

  • Seems as though you are describing me here! I know how difficult it is to not compare. It takes all of ones patience and resilience to ignore all the ‘milestone comparisons’ …….. The sad part is, that it never really ends. Today its the hair, tomorrow its going to be their grades, their choice of careers, their spouses and so on…… 🙁

  • wonderfully written. welcome to parenting ! With two children at 8 and almost 7 , I consider myself a veteran already. parenting is a walk that’s littered with traps and mines and almost none walk through unscathed. The best we can hope for is to walk by with no permanent injuries 🙂 love to V , hope the hair are coming along just fine!

  • hmmm… i think almost all mother are doing the same.. i keep reminding myself once in while not to compare.. :).

  • Comparing your child’s growth, achievements, milestones… can be so stressful! And later on this game turns into compare and compete, which just gives ulcers and zero peace of mind! A wonderful post, Rituparna! 🙂

  • Thank you, thank you! 🙂

    @Meena & @ashreyamom – Tell yourself every day, “no comparisons!”

    @justanotherwakeupcall – Any mother with a kid older than V is a veteran! Hats off to you! Well, the hair is growing in all directions.

    @Shilpa – Thank You 🙂