• Muneera Mohammed Ali

    Great post! But you are insulting the animals when you say that they live in apartments. I recently read an article of how a dog found an abandoned baby near the trash and took it to the barn to be taken care of along with its litter of puppies before being discovered. Animals are great! We just have to beware of our own kind.

    • yea Muneera…I stand corrected…..i guess I should say “beasts” instead. thanks

  • Annapurni V

    I agree with you Shubhangi. Disclipline can be taught to kids by talking it out and explaining them rather than hitting them. Obviously when things are beyond control a small spank on the butt isn’t wrong. But, making it a practice will cease to have any effect on them,.

    • yea, that’s exactly my point too!! thank you Annapurni!

  • Proactive Indian

    Parents hit a child because (s)he is too weak to hit back and is dependent on the parents for all material needs. In other words, the parents have power over the child.
    This applies not just to parents ill-treating children. Any human being ill-treats another human being because (s)he has power (mainly in material terms) over her/him.