• Gauri Kekre

    I think when it comes to our kids, we lose perspective of how it was when we were growing up. If we only pay a little attention to our hearts, we will find that ourchildren need respect, independence and privacy as much as we do

  • Dr. Asrani… it is so nice of you to share your experience with us. It always help to exchange notes with more seasoned parents. For some reason we all forget what our own parents tell us but are ok to listen from a third party. Do you think this is also some kind of rebellion ?

  • Definitely!!! But of the strong-willed and intelligent children variety. 🙂

  • S.N Rao

    Unconditional love for a rebellious child! Hmm…Very difficult to impliment this, that too in a balanced state of mind without reacting to the child’s rebellious act. Thanks for the invaluable information.

  • SNRao

    I experienced a rebellious first child on the arrival of the 2nd child ,20months later. As said unconditional love and involving him in the activities of his new sibling brought him to his normal self a couple of months later.Thanks for sharing your invaluable message.