• As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions …

    Children are not reflections of our own selves, they are persons. In my view she made this cardinal error of seeing the daughter as an extension of herself

    • Amrita Thavrani

      I share your views. We can never pass on our priorities like a legacy. Thanks for dropping by.

  • sweety

    Oh the director must have never thought in this direction, but now the movie is scanned by a mother!! Indeed our children are unique individuals and our wishes need not be imposed on them. She lacked on this most important point.

    • Amrita Thavrani

      Director must have thought above and beyond of that, can’t expect anything less from Shyam Benegal 🙂 but yes, a mother is a mother who looks for a mother.. 🙂

  • A narrative has many angles. And all angles do not connect to me, at all times! And when they do connect to me, there are lots of folks to whom it doesnt connect! 🙂

    • Amrita Thavrani

      That is true Kavi.. even our angles changes over a period of time.

  • You just can’t impose what you want on others , not even on your child!! Sardari begum always did what she wants but didn’t let her daughter have her way!! That’s double standards!!

  • A women of substance, becomes parent and suddenly everything is “My way or Highway”…need to watch the movie after reading this .