• Alka

    I agree to some extent with you Nibedita, but to me the solution has never been hitting back, as this confuses kids between bullying or being accidently hurt.
    I tell my kids if you are getting bullied or if you don’t see anyone around, first attempt to resolve the situation by explaining this is wrong and you will not entertain any such act and the other person should not do this as it is really bad. If the response is positive good enough and if not better avoid that person or run away from there. If the incident repeats then come to me or to any elder whom you believe, will help you.
    Also this is about reaction but tell them to act aptly and kindly and always explain them that fun is about enjoying yourself with others being comfortable, not irritating anyone and making fun out of someone’s situation or act.

    • Nice way to teach the kids about handling bullying & violence.

  • Arnab

    Well written sister !!

  • Roshni

    It is indeed a dilemma and I appreciate your post on this! I think probably the best solution is for your child to learn some kind of self-defence. Then, at least she learn not to be the aggressor but can also defend herself .

    • Yeah you are right. Teaching self defence can help a child to tackle the situation more aptly.