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Parenting Decoded: Working Mothers

The long hours at work, sleepless long nights, managing the household and a lot more defines the grind working mothers go through every day. This edition of Parenting Decoded is a compilation of posts by our contributors on their role as working moms and various issues that they have to tackle with.

  1. Let’s start with Anandam’s poetry recounting a day in her life. Switching between the role of a mother and a working professional, this is something all working moms will relate to. (Psst: Her bio is equally interesting!)
  2. The early phase of motherhood is so beautiful and satisfying that it makes you hang on to those intimate moments between you and your child. Here is another post by Rituparna on how difficult it is to go back to work after a break and the guilt associated.
  3. Whether you decide to stay at home or go back to work, whatever you do is in the best interest of the child. But making that decision is what finally matter says Amrita Thavrani.
  4. How does a sick child affect the professional in a mother? Rituparna writes about walking a tightrope of holding on to your career and tending to the illness of a little one?
  5. The guilt that comes with looking after an ill child while being a working professional is overbearing. On one hand you want to drop everything and make sure your little one feels better, while on the other hand you risk seeming unprofessional. Read Meena Bhatnagar’s post on her experience
  6. Who says it takes a special day to recognise our superhuman efforts? Here are Manjiri’s tips for working mothers to celebrate women’s day every day.
  7. Come vacations and all working mothers worry about options to keep their children occupied for long hours. Priyanka urges all working moms to plan for vacations better and in advance. Read her tips to know more.
  8. Like many other working mothers, Nivedita also feels immensely guilty of leaving her child at home to go to work. ‘Having a child is to let a piece of your heart roam outside your body’ – she writes. Read her post where she writes about the dilemma she faces every day.
  9. A nagging worry for all working parents is finding someone to look after their child when they are away. Here is why Sunita Rajwade feels day care is the best option for child care in absence of a joint family.
  10. If you think having a babysitter or nanny at home works better for looking after your child while you are at work, here is a short guide to hiring a nanny by Roohi Bhatnagar.
  11. While you juggle between multiple roles in a day, here are great productivity tips from Vasantha Vivek on how to stay energetic in office.

Is there anything we missed out on? If yes, do tell us in the comments below.