• srvp

    such a relevant topic to touch upon.. every time my LO falls ill, my mil will resort to her nazar utaarna technique, at times insisting on not visiting the doctor even!! i agree that these things may be justified by some people but ignoring the doctor and resorting to just nazar utaarna is not acceptable.. i am total non believer till the time i am given a rational argument, although i agree with science’s concept of negative and positive energy!

    • Mansi Sharma Mittal

      I am glad you could connect with this and my objective for raising this issue was this only.. U know without knowing and inspecting about anything we are following years n years old rituals blindly.

  • I guess amulets and such things do have certain powers because of the faith attached to them. Faith does play a positive role in life. Faith is a kind of self-assurance, a protective shield, and I won’t discredit it. But faith shouldn’t become silly and destructive of others as it often does. This negative aspect of faith is what has turned me away from it.

    In the end, as I understand it, faith is highly related to a person’s psychological make up. I find it impossible to accept things on faith even if I wish to. Superstition is a strict no for me.