• Relieved to know that there are other moms dealing with such discrimination being sowed in kids but at the same time worried as well just like you. My son who will be turning five in August also has exactly same notions about fat and dark are out and thin and fair are in. And like you I am also fat and wheatish if not dark but then his point is that brown is also not good, white is best.

    Long before his birth his paternal grandmother used to taunt me saying that you will never become my son’s equal in terms of skin colour and then when I stepped out for job in Delhi I realised that Delhiites all have this same thought process. Thin and fair is the way to go and dark and fat are to be avoided like plague.

    Like you I am also worried, though I keep harping the fact to my son that it is their inner beauty that should be the criteria for liking people and not the physical appearance.

  • Gauri

    Hi Swati,
    When I wrote that article I got a call from a distant relative. Her daughter used to be like this. She is now a 21year old and has become more mature. But somewhere, this kind of discrimination still persists.
    Well, children imbibe what they see in their surroundings and it doesn’t always come from parents. All we can do is show them the right path and be persistent but patient, I guess.

  • Hi Gauri: This is so true, but the fact is that kids pick up these nuances from us only. When they see an ad on TV, where a dark girl is ridiculed and a GORI girl gets prince charming, subtly they pick up the signals.

    We as parents have a big role to play here. Thanks for bringing this up.

  • Gauri

    Hi Prasad,
    Your last post was hilarious! I told her a story my mom told me as a kid, about God putting each of us in an oven. The one who stayed back the longest became dark, but he was also God’s favorite. That seems to have worked 😉

  • Hi Gauri – I totally related to your post – guess why India is the most racist nation in the world *smirk* – we are so bloody hung up on skin colour !! It annoys me no end to see even the most educated and ‘cultured’ people go into raptures when in the company of ‘goras’ !
    My kidlet hasn’t mentioned colour biases yet, however I did overhear one of her friends ask her once why her lips were brown not pink like hers. To which the kidlet replied- ‘ because I drink lesser water!’ She totally missed the colour jibe that her friend was making. I wonder how long her naïveté will last though:/