• We have been guilty of the sugar talk…I think you have a very valid point.. Taking correct names does sound business… thanks.

    • Using name and eye contact – 2 most important variables that make a difference

  • Lovely post doctor, and people at time think kids are too small to learn, which is not true.

  • Very useful post, Dr. Asrani. These tips that you have suggested are useful for elders. Communication is indeed an art and when practiced earlier the better. Thank you for this wonderful post.

  • Totally agree – I have found that explaining the situation to my now 3.5 year old daughter helps things go easier. I have often heard from folks that I tell “everything” to my daughter (I am the person who told my 3 year old about the Newtown school shootings) but I feel that if should be aware of the world around her. I admit it is quite a bit of work as I have to explain everything and answer all the whys that accompany every statement but no one said parenting was easy.

    • Breaking bad news is indeed important. Most elders can’t do it well and how to tell it kids is ??!! – a true test of parents’ communication skills 🙂

  • That’s a very informative post doctor!

  • Very well written. Casual occasions like these should indeed be used by parents to pass on the right message to their children in a subtle way.

  • Very useful post Doctor. As a working mother of a four and half year old preschooler, I have been guilty of using sugar words though not very often. But sometimes yes.

  • Swati
    You don’t have to stop using sugary words; itna pyaar kahan chupayenge?
    When you really ‘talk’ and want your kid to understand, imbibe, retain, these tips help. Just imagine when you call Nitin, ‘Mr Gupta’ he would know he better listen! 🙂

  • Lovely tips here.. I have to start implementing them with my daughter! In current world,really important

  • Dr S N Rao

    Your article has really set us thinking. We do take children for granted without conversing with or putting our thoughts through to them. If we inculcate this art of communication at a young age, no parent would ever feel neglected when he or she becomes a senior citizen! Communication would be on between the children & parents no matter how far away they live.Won’t they?

    • Dr C H Asrani

      For sure, Dr Rao.
      Like all our investments give returns. 🙂

  • Roshni

    I’m so glad that you brought up teaching children about privacy of their own bodies! That is so important for very small kids to learn as early as possible!

  • Shobna S. Iyer

    Very nice