• Loved your post, and cannot begin to re-emphasize its relevance in today’s life. Kids by nature are curious. Grown ups sit, read, watch TV, converse; while kids believe in ‘doing’ things. They will not sit in a corner quietly. Though sometimes I am not able to keep up with him, and do get agitated; but I love the fact that my 21 months old toddler is curious about things. My father would be exasperated by his constant need for action, but I always ask him ‘how else do you imagine a toddler?’

  • Thanks, Reema.
    That was fast. Within 45 minutes of uploading. Your toddler has inherited Curiosity from You. 🙂

  • Gauri

    I always get to learn so much from you. I must admit I haven’t been so forthcoming with the answers, but I am go ing to try my best to do better from here onwards.

  • As long as it helps, all the efforts are worth it.

  • I was quite surprised to see my name up there! But glad I could help! My kuttyma is big on questions and yes I take an effort to answer her. Why – beyond all the reasons (text book, wisdom from elders and the experienced) listed above – I learn. I learn to see the world through her eyes. I learn new things around me. My mind may not be as fast as hers but I use my daughter as my learning tool. I am constantly amazed by the way she connects the dots in ways my mind refuses to think. I believe my mind things a certain way because I have boxed it into the norms of the adulthood (and that is a conversation for another day)
    I saw a box of flashcards on sale – landmarks – it listed famous great natural and architectural marvels around the world. Many of the places I have never heard of. I picked it up – call me selfish but I love the time we spend looking at the pictures and the map with my daughter. I learn, she learns and together we grow. Isn’t that what parenting is about?

  • I feel All parents should accept that our learning curve rises sharply with a kid around. The best fun in life, i feel, is seeing a child grow and still better adding value to the growing. 🙂

  • SNRao

    Sir,This is a wonderful article and sooo very true & of relevance to the recent times. Your explanation will definetly satisfy all.I have been recently wondering why alzheimer’s has risen amongst elders .Is it the unitary family system to be blamed? The joint family system could have kept the elders exposed to the queries of their ever curious grand & great grand children.And answering them definely would have kept their grey cells intact!