• lovely post.. teach equality, treat with equality and finally see equality.. nice.. thanks for the tips on how to handle both the sexes.. 🙂

    • Fab

      Thank you and welcome :-))

  • I am glad that I read it.. and every mother should read it.. Its really important to treat the kids of two sexes equally.. In the society we live in, girls have been taught to excel and fight for themselves in the man’s world but the boys are yet to learn to treat the fairer sex better and with compassion.
    I must say when I met my husband I wanted to meet his mother.. now my mum-in-law.. She has taught him to do the extra bit that brings a smile on any lady that requires his help.

    • Fab

      Thank you, Manjulika!! You are a lucky woman to have a Mom-in-law like that!! Most of us have to deal with Momma’s boys :-)))!!

  • Roshni

    Quite right! As a mom of 2 boys, I want them to know all household work and how to treat women with respect! As you mentioned, it helps tremendously if their dad models the behavior you hope they should emulate! In our place, my boys have fast realized that women appreciate a man who is a great cook! 😉