• I am so glad you addressed this issue. My 15 month old recently started chewing his fingers. I thought he could be teething. But now I would take a closer look and observe more before I brush off any other reason.

  • Kafila Saath aur Safar Tanha..
    Being from Hindi medium school, I really liked the title. Explains a lot!!! 🙂

  • AshPereira

    How do I deal with a 2.5 yrs. child insecurity. Her grand mom who takes care of her went on a 2 week vacation
    & on her return the next day her favorite dance teacher leaves for better prospect. We had a maid to take care of her who would play with her on priority & she was happy with her. The next week she leaves for her native. Since she has left the child behavior has changed. She gets too angry, stubborn & more over she is playing and in a fix of a second the same thing starts to annoy her she throws herself on the floor banging her head & starts to cry very bitterly until she throws up. She keeps saying that her grand mom will go., we have tried to speak to her but she doesn’t want me or her father around her, just her grand mom. She is very good with me outside the house playing well behaved.