• You beat me to a post 🙂 … but I am glad you did! Been meaning to pour my heart out on the same topic. You know, just yesterdy, a friend and I were discussing how disgusting it felt when parents gloat over their child’s ability to do adult stuff – including social networking. What about the kid stuff ? What about the scraped knees and the pretend games? What about the imagination of a toddler when lugging an empty carton accross the floor and converting it into everything from a plane to a rocket to a hidey hole? (See, I told you I was waiting to rant!!) ….. fantastic post!

    • Haha! Please post your views too.. it cannot be said less about this .. But moms like us are outnumbered by the hi-tech ones 🙂

  • You echo my sentiments, Sirisha!
    FB for a 9 month old!! I am amazed!
    This is the time for kids to explore the real wide world rather than be the slave of the virtual world!

  • As the time changes… the toys changes.. only we forget these toys do nothing to encourage social involvement and physical … neuro-motor coordination and development of the kid…

  • Even I have similar views on finding kids on facebook and other social networking sites. If you are going to thrust your child into such vicious circles yourself, then it won’t be their fault if they get addicted. The reason minimum age for joining those is 18 years is a proof enough that they are not suitable for children.
    I don’t believe in apps or games for kids on tablets or laptops also. But the integration of technology into our daily lives and education is so much that it is unavoidable. Of course, like in everything else moderation is the key 🙂

    • Yes thats true.. we cannot totally avoid technology as the kids grow up..

  • So very true!! Yes, I too am amazed that a 9 month old has a Facebook account…I thought ‘months’ had been put by mistake instead of ‘years’!! But then, as you point out, you don’t even need to out of the womb to have a Twitter account!! 😀

    I must say that you are quite right about kids having a real life experience instead of a virtual one. At the age of two, what can they really learn on an iPad? Some of the educational apps are good, but, as you mentioned, the parent should sit with the child and definitely not allow him/her to spend hours just zoning out in front of the screen!

    • Yes Ultimately its the choice of the parents…

  • I’m totally with you on this Sirisha. I mean when I see pictures of young toddlers with a tag on their picture I get totally gobsmacked. Then you even have kid’s twitter account in place, before they are actually born.

    Tabs have become young kid’s companion and is as important for them as it is for their parents. When Ii was young the only mouse I knew was Mickey… but now toddlers are pro at using a MAC/IPad. For parents who expose their kids to various gadgets, actually choose the easy way out. I mean kids hardly get any time in the sun, leave aside interacting with kid’s their age. Which per me is extremely important. Tots like to touch everything and their is a reason behind it… That’s how kids learn about the world around them. This is restricted when parents introduce kid’s to gadgets at a young age. This along with a lot of TV time makes kids sit at one place and increase sedentary lifestyle.

    For me is a complete no… and something I strongly believe in.

    • Our parents had it easier,Falak.. we didnot have so many gadgets to be exposed too. For us as parents though its an uphill task!

      • You’re right… Guess we should be ready for the fight 🙂

  • Ha ha… every mom on this planet seems have been worried about the tech savvy-ness of today’s kids. Just a couple of days back I have submitted a post for review to parentous on the lines of kids getting techie at early age but with a positive note.

    But yes I agree with Meena and other moms here. The innocence has surely vanished in kids!

    • I understand Medha that many parents like you may introduce technology to children and with positive results. Its great if you do it and do it with moderation. Its when the boundaries are crossed when it gets disturbing. Looking forward to read your article.

  • Hi Sirisha, you’ve touched a raw nerve with this post.
    I cant even count the number of times I’ve had to control myself when friends claim how tech-savvy their toddlers are. Those 3-4 year olds know how to use iPads, laptops, playstations and can remember every channel on the TV.
    Some of my friends made FB accounts for their kids as soon as they were born, which frankly, is rather silly.
    It seems internet and other technologies are the only things that matter these days. I’d rather have my kids take a fall at the playground, scrape their knees and elbows or pummel each other till the sun comes out than have them sitting in front of the TV or the laptop 😐
    Very well written post 🙂

    • Thanks Noor. Yes as I wrote this post I knew many of my friends and acquaintances will not like it much going by their parental choices..But then
      to each one his/her own. Its my opinions and how I feel about and its nice to get a like-minded person like you to agree.

  • Parents are thinking it like status symbol ., giving the gadgets and letting them to addict ., poor children loosing their childhood., now I can see a ray of hope , keep it up young parents ., show your children the real world now.,

  • In the current scenario, keeping kids away from the technology is next to impossible. Even if you deny access at home, they get exposed to it through their friend circle. And then there is the human urge to taste the forbidden fruit. The more you try to keep the kids away from the technology, the more they will find ways to get it, even wrong ways. So it is better to introduce technology to them in right way. As you rightly said, for us parents its a uphill task.
    And of those who have FB accounts in the unborn/newborn child’s name, I feel they already have lost the challenge. How in the world are they ever going to save their child from internet addiction, when they have hijacked their child’s identity as well to feed their own internet addiction?

    • Yes you cannot keep technology away from school going kids.. but its doable with toddlers.
      Yes these toddlers will grow up and lap up technology but by then their brains will also have grown to handle all that jazz!

  • The gizmos and technology is taking away the innocence and charm of childhood. We played with dolls and had our set of board games but now the kids are only into angry birds and racing games.. I don’t appreciate it at all when my 7 yr old cousin came on FB and began commenting on my pics… Maybe its time we grew up and began taking it all gladly..

    • Sirisha

      I dont think it’s because we are of an older generation that we we are wary of technology , somethings are meant to be for adults and that should be imposed by parents strictly.. That 7 yr old cannot be blamed for being on fb, he’s been allowed to do so!