• Aparna

    Well you know what I think about change 🙂 So yes it will be good for all of you guys. Plus, since you have an end-date in mind, you’ve actually hedged your risk somewhat 🙂 Good luck.

    • chattywren

      Thanks Aparna! I did think of how you would’ve taken to this 🙂 Just discovering my latent packing skills in the meantime!!

  • I think change breathes life into us and brings out the best in us. When we have battled it, won and settled down, we can do the victory dance and wonder at the new found potential that had been hiding all along!
    I am sure you will love the new place Vibha.

    • chattywren

      Thanks Aarthy, am trying hard to look at the move with this perspective, but it’s a lot of hard work and I’m those lazy types:)