• Sweety

    Hi Nidhi,

    The children indeed have become “wanting” these days. And these wants are not simple, they want to exercise their choice on what they want. My girl is 3.5 now & is just moving towards the “want” game, which i think i should learn to control. But as you said, i too believe “logic” works. If you try to make it understand, they listen. Regularly, I also keep on telling her that how “blessed” she is to have all that she has got, so she should thank God & not be much greedy 😉

    • I agree – exercising their choices comes much earlier today – kids are so much more articulate and logical in their arguments! But one must keep trying and not give in..

  • Ladies, you are doing good work really! Explaining the logic of ‘want’, and differentiating between ‘need’ and ‘want’ when they are pining for it! Hats off!!!
    But weren’t we too like this when we were younger? I don’t remember, so I am just thinking aloud. Are we expecting too much from little ones. Zen-like detachment? I don’t have that even at this age. Since we are older, have money, we go out and buy stuff we like while window shopping. Even I have fancied some bag or some book that I bought for a friend (at this age)…ha ha! Just saying.

    • Well you are right there – zen like detachment though is a faraway dream if at all;) I just want to try and let kidlet know that not everything on her want list will be delivered to her pronto! And in my defence – I may want that taupe TODs bag for all my life – doesn’t mean I’m expecting the heavens to open up and deliver it to me – he he !

      • Yeah, that’s true. That is a difficult lesson to teach.