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7 Effective ways to make Parenting Easier

Parenting is a blessing but at the same time it’s the hardest thing ever. There must be times when you wondered whether it can ever be easy? Is there a way? The answer is “Yes, there are ways that can make Parenting Easier.” I have tested all of the below and trust me, I have great peace of mind ever since I started following them. Are you ready to try them too?

1. Practice meditation:

Meditation helps you feel more connected and stress-free. Overall, it adds more hours to your day. “Mindful Meditation” makes you and those around you happier.

2. Listen to music:

Music has the power to do a lot. It makes us feel emotions – the whole spectrum of happy, sad, excited or joyful. Music can have positive effects on the psyche, mood, pain tolerance and quality of life as well. Research shows that music is also to be associated with the strengthening of the heart and improving vascular health. Listen to music often to lift your mood.

3. Stop caring what others say:

This can bring a major change in your life. Don’t give a damn to what anyone says or thinks about you or your parenting style; for people will never stop judging you and you can never pass their scrutiny all the time! Stop worrying about what other parents think about your parenting style, what the books say you should do, what in-laws, neighbours, even teachers say and this will set you free. Remember that in parenting, you and your child matter. Like every child is different, so is every parenting style.

4. Deactivate your social media account:

At times, Social Media takes you to a virtual world of fantasy wherein you’ll find every person to be rocking and every family to be perfect. Knowingly or unknowingly, you tend to compare your life with the unreal world that you see and that brings in a sense of discontentment. Well, frankly speaking, I have not yet been successful in deactivating my social media account but I have very well learnt to scroll past some updates or at worst, I just ‘hide’ them from my timeline. Just try it for yourself. You’ll love the peace that follows.

5. Tackle those tantrums with a reward sheet:

The smallest of rewards fill us with a sense of pride, so how can kids remain untouched by these feelings? The effectiveness of maintaining a reward sheet to reduce the various tantrums thrown by your kid, be it brushing his teeth, cleaning up his toy or anything will surprise you.

6. Make some ‘ME’ time:

Take out some ‘ME’ time to recharge your energies. It is very important to de-stress yourself by doing something you dearly love. This will help you to work more efficiently. And yes, there is nothing to feel guilty about. You are just keeping your frustration ‘in-check’ so as to be a better parent.

7. Give lots of unsolicited love and praise:

This is the most important of all. Shower your child with all the love and praise and believe me, this will do wonders! Don’t ever compare your child with someone else, for if you judge him, you’ll have no time to love him. Love him unconditionally and give him the power of trust.

These are my ways to make parenting easier and more enjoyable. What are your ways to go through the maze of parenting in a better way? I would love to know!

Hi, I am Shokhi, a stay at home mom to two adorable daughters, married for 7 years to a workaholic husband, trying to balance working from home and taking care of the house. I complain sometimes about the mom mess, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that I know every single day how lucky I am to have the life I do. I live for spending quality time with my family. They are my world and greatest accomplishments in life. I want to be an amazing mom and I want to give my little babies an amazing life. I blog at Sheer Parenting and am active on Facebook and Twitter