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Reasons For Joining Summer Camp

It is that time of the year where kids just love to play all day without any obstacles (in the form of parents). In fact, this is the time which makes a person like me jealous.

Reasons For Joining Summer Camp - Kids Should Go To Summer Camp

Wish I was a kid and do all those things which I wanted to do without any worries and so-called obstacles. If at all my wish comes true… Anyways coming back to the topic, it is the summer camp time at my pre-school for most of the kids. And at the outset, the parents had to fill a form on behalf of kids for joining the camp containing basic details of the kid and a particular reason for joining the camp.

There were options in the form to identify parents’ reason for making kids join the camp. They had to select one out of them. They were:

  1. Just like that
  2. Few hours of relaxation for you
  3. Keep the kid occupied (Not interested in any specific activity)
  4. Knowing and understanding a particular task/activity

What was most surprising was that majority of the parents had ticked the option C, followed by option B, A and D.

That means, the main reason for making kids join a summer camp was keeping them occupied without any specific purpose. This is just as if sailing through the sea without any objective and direction. The premise on which the parents opted for option C, when asked, was, “Let them learn something instead of wasting the time at home”.

Firstly, it is very hard for me to believe that a two/three year old understands in wasting something called ‘time’. And secondly, even if the kid stays at home then there are many things that can keep them occupied. Like ‘Block building activity’ or ‘Drawing and Colouring’ or may be ‘Watching Cartoon Channels’. Just as we adults after working hard and meeting deadlines day in and day out deserve a break from the daily routine, similarly, kids (read 2-3 year old) also deserve a break from going to school. It is as simple as that. But if and only if you want the kid to be ‘just occupied’.

Option B simply takes the cake, even ice cream, golas, juices and whatever it takes to quench ones thirst in this scorching summer. I was totally shocked to find out that how can one even tick this option. Others are still fine, rather bearable, but ‘Few hours of relaxation for you’??? I mean how? Why? Does your kid trouble you so much that you want him/her out of your sight? Agreed that they tend to be notorious at times, but if not them then who will be? Definitely not you. Just think that if your kid at your older age sends you to some old age home so that he/she can have some good time, how will you feel?

Then comes those who will do what others do. ‘They enrolled their kid to some summer camp so let me also do the same. Both will have company of each other’. And finally, parents are the ones who will plan or have something in mind for their kids before going for that summer camp which might help kids to grow in a desired direction. They are the ones who understand the importance of planning and have the ability to steer the ship in the right direction, right from the birth of the kids till the kids are matured enough to take decisions by themselves.

So this summer what are your reasons for making your kids join a summer camp?

>Note: These are just my views and observations as a pre-school teacher. It may vary from parent to parent.

Hetal Kachalia is a preschool teacher in the morning and a dotting home maker by the evening. She blogs at