Daily Food Tussle

I have this daily tussle with my toddler. Either she wins or I loose.


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Curiosity: your little scientist’s learning tool

He explores, he questions, he experiments. He is curious. Congratulations! He meets the basic and the only requirement to be a scientist. This article dedicated to such little scientists.

Curiosity: Your Little Scientist Tool


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Before Kids and After Kids

Life before kids and after kids is massively different. Outlooks change, priorities change, needs change and well, just about everything changes. As parents to two, we’ve been through these two times over and this is just a gist of things as perspectives change, with babies around. This article gives a humorous insight to some specific aspects that undergo a change once babies come into the picture.


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Mistakes Parents Make

A group of new parents invited me over for a chat to caution them on the likely mistakes they may commit in their overzealous parenting. I started browsing through my memory, case studies and lists where all I failed in correcting bad parenting practices…


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The days of innocence are over…

How I wish our kids would return to the good old age of innocence as a society.  I really do. Wish they  could go back in time when  television watching was restricted to He-Man and Disney Hour for kids and when playing did not mean gaming but actually running on open grounds…


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Who Run The World

We are mothers. We are women. We are Wives and according to Beyonce, we run the world. Why, then, do we feel that the only thing we run successfully is the washing machine on auto mode?


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Goddess Of Small Things

So, I think. I always think. What lessons am I imparting to my daughter? Motherhood has been a great teacher. I have been unlearning some old lessons and learning a few new. I have found answers to some old questions, while I seem to have discovered a new queries.
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A House For Miss Pinkette

They say child is the father of man, I am not sure if there is an equivalent saying about mothers, but that is just another one of lopsided patriarchal society example. I was on baby sitting duty as the Missus has gone for a jaunt to the mall with her girlfriends, while l looked after our girls.


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