Sharing News With Kids

The missing plane MH-370 is a big mystery and the whole world is talking about it. 43 ships, 59 aircrafts, 15 nations are in search from fortnight, but can’t find a trace of this aircraft till now. Everybody is curious to know what happened to the aircraft and worried about the safety of 239 passengers.

Sharing News With Kids - Missing Plane News - How Much Is Too Much

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Slowing Down

I’ve been a working mother before; now, I am a SAHM.

I’ve worked for a couple of years after the kids were born and then, chose to stay at home mostly for the sake of my sanity and a wee bit, for the kids’ well being, too. Now, I’ve been at home for a good ten months or so. One of my friends had asked me a few days ago about the changes I see turning from working mother to a SAHM. The question made me think. A lot.

Slowing Down: Working Mother Versus Stay At Home Mother

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My Parenting Journey, So Far…

My little one turned two recently. And so did my number of years into parenting. Looking back, there is a huge change in the life before and after being a parent. There are good moments, bad moments and the in-between moments all packed into a single day. Yet time flies and it does really fast.

My Parenting Life, So Far.. Parenting Journey: Dilemmas & Delights

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Ode To P

Next week you will turn all of one
Another joyous year begun.

Poem For Grandson - Ode To P - Poems On Turning One Year Old

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Let The Wings Not Frail

“Because I am a mother, I am capable of being shocked; as I never was when I was not one.” - Margaret Atwood, ‘Cat’s Eye’

Growing Up - Let The Wings Not Frail - Parenting

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I Need To Go! Now Now Now!!!!

Outings with kids are such huge, wholesome fun.  I mean, who can disagree with that statement. All that could possibly differ is the way one defines “huge, wholesome fun” !!! :D

Raising Kids - I Need To Go! Now Now Now! - Parenting Nightmares

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The P’s In My Life.. And Parenting

As a child if there was one P that dominated my life – It was “Play”. Be it sports or the fool, I’d ace. :)  As I grew, life was about the 3 P’s “Parents, Pals and Prayers”  (Prayers especially for those “grades and marks” to take me through the “critical study years”! I meant the school exams, board exams and all the competitive exams that were a pre-requisite for any professional course).

4 P's Of Parenting - The P’s In My Life - Life Of A Mother - Parenting

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Ties That Bind

A note to my brother

My earliest memories of you include fighting over chalk, chocolates and crayons. Weekends and summer holidays (when you weren’t in Calcutta) were about whether we should play ghar-ghar or teacher-teacher. We fought over TV serials and very importantly, which episode of Ramayana or Mahabharata to watch that afternoon. We’ve fought like crazy, I’ve bullied you and you’ve made me cry often. But you are the closest I have to a sibling. In age. In temperament. Ma said it was because we share the same zodiac sign.

Secrets To A Happy Marriage - Ties That Bind

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Social Media & The Grown Up Kid

I was invited to speak to a group of parents on “handling social media menace”. The research into preparing for the same shook me up; always knew it is a major concern but was not prepared to realize the extent…

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