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Vacation Time With Kids At Home

Summer time generally means that most mothers end up extremely overloaded with not only office and/or home chores but also the guilt of not being able to spend quality time with the kids. Well, most of us get over it as the kids grow but until they start making their own friends they are solely dependent on us to provide them companionship.

This doesn’t really matter if you are in a joint family with the grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts at home. But the guilt still remains. The question that remains, are mothers the only ones who need to provide companionship to the kids? Do fathers really have no role to offer? I beg to differ. While boys are generally closer to their mothers, luckily for us guys, our daughters are apples of our eyes. Most girls would love to spend time with their dad but sadly enough get no opportunity to do so.

A few weeks back I was out on an official trip away from home. During this time although I was in touch with my family through calls and Skype, I noticed once I returned that my older daughter, J, had withdrawn into a shell while my younger one, A, had become very naughty. The school class teacher also complained about the same in the immediate next PTA. J had this uncanny habit of sucking on her thumb right from her childhood days. When I came back, I noticed that her habit that I had tried to reduce so very painstakingly had increased. This set me thinking.

While not everyone can have the luxury to work from home or take extended vacations; but then, if you do have one, I can only suggest that you exercise the option. It will not only take the load off your wife’s head but also end up with some joyous memories and be totally refreshed with boundless energy. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes. Until next time, I am off to enjoy with the girls.

Nirav Thakker is a father to two wonderful girls aged 4 and 2, full-fledged software by product and a gadget junkie. He loves reading and lot of storytelling. He has been blogging for nearly 10 years now at