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Our Academic Year Has Ended!

It was a huge relief when our son’s school holidays began. The school’s academic year closure usually coincides with my son’s birthday week. So it was just the assessment that was holding us back from even discussing impending party plans. Well, not that my son was giving his board exams but we parents had to go through the most tedious job of getting him enthusiastic about his assessments. Of course we are of the opinion that right now it’s not a serious affair of marks or grades but to make his fundamentals strong. Thankfully, syllabuses of today ensure that subjects are more interesting and friendly for the kids to follow.

Some of us parents decided to take our children out on a leisure trip the very next day after the last exam. So we aptly decided to take them to south Mumbai. The children were ecstatic. We too felt it would be a good break to show them the landmark of our city-Mumbai.

We first took them to Taraporewala Aquarium, then to the Gateway of India, a boat ride at the Gateway where the Arabian Sea was at its best. The cool wind gushed in our hair and the seagulls followed our ferry throughout. While our ferry sped up on the waters, we all suddenly went into a pensive mood. The white and grey water was cutting through our ferry and water was gushing on the surfaces and hitting our ferry .The weather was pleasant and we could feel that this is the best part of taking your children out. They enjoy the nature, get acquainted with their own city and see all those heritage structures which have stood the test of time.

The Marine Drive walk was amazing and the kids enjoyed running along the stretch parallel to the sea. It was prime time – A Saturday evening where the senior citizens were taking a brisk walk. The gang of friends clustered around to click selfies and enjoy some banter. Couples found solace in spite of so much of chaos around them. And two generations like us were found enjoying the track and cool salty breeze hitting on our face. The day ended with a lavish dinner treat from us to our exhausted and hungry kids.

We stuffed our bellies with mouthfuls of calories and cheese loaded pizzas. We elders too became kids with our children. I felt that such leisure trips can be much more refreshing than the enclosed malls where children are limited to the play zones. That evening we decided to introduce our children to travel by a public transport. We took the local train back home. The kids enjoyed the experience. They discussed their thoughts, findings and whatever basic knowledge that they had about each station that passed by. My eight year old son knew that spending time roaming around places was a much better deal than being in those crowded malls.

Every academic year that goes brings us one level higher than where we began. We have ensured that our children get the best in academics and their overall development. But going for impromptu leisure trips after a tight regime makes the child feel rejuvenated before he begins his next innings. I told my little one “This is just the beginning, I will surely treat you with my ideas of fun. And the ones which I enjoyed as a kid and the memories of which I still do cherish. Each memory was fondly attached to some really important people in my life and I wish that you too experience this fond thought when you grow up.”