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A Life ‘Beyond Books’ for the kids of Alibaug this weekend!

Summer vacations are a great time for kids to relax after a gruelling school year. It is also a great time for kids to learn new skills and reinvent themselves. This is the objective of ‘Beyond Books’, an initiative for school kids by the Rotaract Club of Mumbai Shivaji Park, which is going to be held in Alibaug on the 18th and 19th of April.


The title Beyond Books itself clarifies the aim of this initiative taken up by the Rotaract Club of Mumbai, Shivaji Park. It’s one of the flagship events of RCMSP and they celebrate it almost like a festival. They visit PNP High School, situated in Alibaug, Kurdus and spend the weekend there trying to prepare the students for a better future. They endeavour to give kids an experience which is something beyond the books.

The Rotaract Club of Mumbai Shivaji Park (RCMSP) is a community-based organization consisting of youth who believe in making a difference to society through impactful initiatives. They are firm believers of Winston Churchill’s ideologies, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

RCMSP conducted career choice activities last year. The idea was to make the children understand their own self and help them with their future. And, because it’s Alibaug, without adventure sports, the day seems incomplete. The kids and the Rotaractors, we all put our shoes on for the same and enjoy rifle shooting etc.

This year 2015, they have planned to introduce personality development, which includes time and stress management, communication skills, grooming, leadership and team building in their activities. And who doesn’t love Magic? So, for all the kids’ amusement there will be a small magic show and a session of adventurous activities.

An Art Of Living workshop will be conducted on the last day for the kids to help them maintain their calm even during tough times. They also plan on showing the kids an inspirational Marathi movie before the ending ceremony so that the goodbyes are not that difficult. Kids are kids. Knowing them, talking to them, being with them is rejuvenating. They remind you of yourself from the past which is always a very freeing experience. You forget all your present day worries. Yes, you have to go back to your worries, but forgetting they exist, even for a day, is truly a gift.

All in all, it will be the best way to spend the weekend. And it’s only once in a year. We’re glad to be associated with Beyond Books, and wish them all the best in this endeavour to create a great future for kids in Alibaug!