Things I Want To Tell My Daughter

Baby G is about to turn one this May. I’ve been saying that time is flying, since forever, but it really is true. It feels like she was just born last week. There is so much I want to tell her and though there will be time for everything, but I just can’t wait.


I just can’t wait for her to grow up, and I also feel sad seeing her growing up so fast. I know, its silly. Maybe its just a new mommy thing, but it makes me emotional just to look at her wondering at my colorful bangles, or jabbing her tiny hands excitedly at her father’s iPad. I want to live in this bliss forever. I know it’s not possible, but a mother can hope, right? I have made a list of things I want her to know. Will keep adding to it, but for now, here it is.

  • That your parents are trying their best to be the best, the perfect parents in the world. Because that is what you deserve. We might fall short sometimes, but we will always make it up by loving you more than possible. No matter what.
  • That the best things in life aren’t things. Its people.
  • That love is all you need.
  • That money is important, but independence, integrity, originality and kindness are more important.
  • That baking is therapeutically for your mother, so it will probably be the same for you. But if not, find your joy in little things.
  • You are not me, or your dad. We are similar, but you are a unique individual and never change that for anything in the world.
  • Invest in good coffee. But when you’re older, obviously. For now, drink your milk.
  • Be happy. Nothing really matters.
  • That you will never lose a battle, you will either win or learn.
  • That it’s important to laugh. Especially with a mother who laughs like a clown. I need company, sweetheart.
  • That looking good is important, but being a good person is a must.
  • That friends are very important, and keeping them for a lifetime is a blessing.
  • That being intelligent is sexy. Don’t play dumb, its not worth it.
  • Have BIG dreams. You’ll eventually grow into them.
  • Travel. See the world.
  • Read, read and read some more.
  • Believe in fairy tales but be prepared to slay the dragon yourself.
  • That only the boring people are bored. Always find something worth your while.
  • Be generous with your time, your money and your heart.
  • Dance every day.
  • Teach dad to dance. Seriously, I’ve tried and failed but you might be successful.
  • That mommy and dad loves you more than anything in the world.
  • That mommy loves you the most. Obviously.

Aditi Mathur was born on Feb the 14th and since then it has all been awkward for her. A strong believer of “Whatever!”, an ex-advertising girl, a once-upon-a-time blogger, an out-of-place Army Wife and a real-life social person, she has now given up everything for her adorable almost-nine-months old daughter Gauri (Um, also for Twitter, actually). Stalk her at or  @adicrazy on Twitter. Or Not. Whatever.

  • Good ones .. Agree when you say “I just can’t wait for her to grow up, and I also feel sad seeing her growing up so fast.”

    • I know, right? Motherhood a difficult position to be in 🙂

  • cute aditi…

  • Very nice. But to read “independence, integrity, originality and kindness are more important.” how really nice !

    • Thanks Kavi. I hope I can instill all this in baby G. Kindness is the top priority 🙂

  • Yamini Vijendran


  • nice points! Worth framing in her room!!

    • You know what Asha, my husband was saying the exact thing! Haha. We parents think alike.
      Thank you for liking the post 🙂

  • somya

    LOVED the post! It is ‘Things I should Have Told My sister’ for me because I have seriously pondered over few things. And to the dumbest girl I know I want to post it to her wall – ‘That being intelligent is sexy. Don’t play dumb, its not worth it.’ 😀

    • Ha ha. Little sisters are like daughters, you know that right? And excuse me, I did tell you all of this. Why, I’ve even hammered it into your brain 😛 Hugs!

  • Interesting read. Children are always in a hurry to grow up, till they are all grown up -and then they want their childhood back 😀

    A lot of what you have written is for sons too. I know. I have a 15 year old.

    • Oh yes, it applies to sons as well. Well, most of it. And tell me about growing up, mine will be a year old soon and I have no idea where an entire year went!
      Thank you for liking the post 🙂

  • vasundhara

    This is so adorable, Adi! especially because there are some of the things i would want to tell my daughter (whenever that happens!) Its true, nothing really matters in the end. Frame it, or make a book for her 🙂

    • Thanks Vas 🙂 I will make a book for her. I just hope she takes interest in it, you never know with kids, lol. Like I said, I hope she loves reading.
      And when your time comes, I am going to make a new list and get it framed for you. 🙂

  • Somya

    Yes I know 🙂
    Just wanted to hear it once more 😀

  • Nikita Goel