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Holidays Are Here – Now What?

Summer holidays have officially begun. Both, parents and children are in a big dilemma. Parents find it a huge hassle to get leaves in office with no help at home to look after children. We all wait for the last moment to plan and then struggle when the holidays start. I think it is very important to plan in advance if you are going for vacations or are expecting some relatives to come down to take care of the children during the summer break.

Grandparents, if available during the vacations time should be informed earlier so that they can plan accordingly. If at all we do not have help or there are no vacations planned then we have to design our holidays in a way that either of the parent is at home with the child. We cannot leave are children alone and then blame them for watching too much TV or being glued to gadgets. We need to be informed of all the local activities going around in the city for children. If you are someone who doesn’t want to enroll your child in summer camps then be informed of some one day activities like arts or storytelling, which they can look forward to and remain engaged. Also plan small outings to shopping, beaches now and then.  Make a summer reading list buy books and for your child, this will help them stay engaged. Take them out to play in evenings with their friends or to nearby parks if possible. Enroll them in a library if you have options nearby.

Make it a habit to sit at least one hour with your child on a daily basis. Assist your child to read, write and do some crafts. Help them practice hand writing. Make a vacation planner so that it will give an idea as to plan the daily things so that the child will not overdo any activity and feel guilty at the end of the day. Planning can help the child divide the task equally. Take up gardening with your child. Children generally love these activities, planting new seeds and saplings, watering the plants together. Washing vegetables and keeping them in fridge, involving them in doing their laundry, folding clothes etc.

Teach children to do the basic chores in the house. They think house work is for moms and maids. Let them choose some recipes and help them prepare something in the kitchen. You won’t believe how much children enjoy such activities and in no time you will realize that not only your children have found several ways to stay busy but also you have got so much help indirectly. This way both you and your child can spend so much time together. Before enrolling children in different activities keep in mind not to involve them in too many activities so that they are extremely tired and then they have no energy to enjoy anything and most important thing don’t force any classes on children just because other kids in your apartment are going. Nothing should be planned for your kids against his or her own wish.

Have a planned holiday and also it’s important to keep in touch with concepts learned in school, especially in senior classes. Remember to keep your child well hydrated and you have to plan lot of indoor activities too.  Have a nice holiday and safe summer vacations.

I am Priyanka, full time mommy to a 2.4 year old Atharva. I’m very old school, I believe in breastfeeding, cloth diapers and natural birth. The last three years have a changed a lot in me, I feel very transformed as a person. I have known various sides of me in this process from pregnancy to motherhood. From cooking to sewing and many more, I have explored many creative activities and still exploring some more…who says being a mother takes away everything? I have gained a lot, learnt a lot. I like to share my stories and chat with mommies. I’m also a social media enthusiast and enjoy blogging at Dailydose.