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Is it important to attend your child’s special occasions?


I was at my daughter’s fashion show yesterday. That was just a few hours before I was asked to leave for a different city on work for a week’s time. This quick turn of events forced me to think if it really was necessary for me to be there at every function that my child had.

During my growing up years when sharing responsibilities and fathers spending more time with children was relatively unheard of, my dad used to make it a point to be there at almost every function that I participated in. It was never necessary whether he made it when I wasn’t participating but always when I was. I guess that has kind of trickled down to me.

In the month of December when my daughter danced for the first time on stage, I was there. It may be a different story that I was sitting the farthest from the stage given that I was slightly late, I was there nonetheless. If not anyone, at least I know I had whistled the loudest when she finished performing. She was teeming with pride; my then a little over 3 years 8 months old literally came running to me after the dance. Guess what her first question was – “Dad, did you see my dance? Did you see me in that?

While it is often advised by many of the elders that the role of the father in the child’s life is only to discipline it and provide for it monetarily, I am sure the generation today thinks a little differently. Is it only the mother who should shoulder the responsibility of bringing up the child alone? Several of my daughter’s friends’ parents generally turn up alone. Mostly women if I am to be precise. I do feel a little out of place when they tend to get talking, but then, I have observed every child’s face. It was searching for their fathers.

Guys, if you can spend some time playing with them at home, what’s wrong with being there at their functions or special occasions at school/dance class etc.? Childhood comes but once in everybody’s life. Once it is gone, you will never be able to regain it. Ditch that early morning meeting at work. Ditch that status call one day. Call in sick. Say you will be late. But please be there. These moments will pass out of your hand like sand between your fingers. Your presence at such special occasions will only bring you closer to your kids, only make you more endearing.

Fathers are every child’s first super hero. Take time out to be one.

Nirav Thakker is a father to two wonderful girls aged 4 and 2, full-fledged software by product and a gadget junkie. He loves reading and lot of storytelling. He has been blogging for nearly 10 years now at