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Summer Vacations And Our Children

After toiling for a year and putting in huge efforts in studies and assessments our children definitely look forward to the summer vacation. They have made their own plans with friends and cousins on spending this best time of the year. Every lane, by-lane has small banners of summer camps or workshops. But the fact is, do we really want them to get busy with these summer camps. I am not saying that these would cramp the child again with a schedule but this can definitely be handled in a better way. Here are some of my ideas for spending summer vacation ensuring that we set our child free from the bondage of a time table and letting him loose from the hectic school routine.

  • Give them rest and not a wake-up call – When the alarm goes off, we all get up charged to face the day ahead. We gather our tired body and start our routine with pushing our kids to school, packing snacks and food as we get ready to get to work. Stay-at- home moms too don’t believe in the old school thought of being confined in the kitchen all day. In fact they set a very productive agenda for facing the day. Summer vacations are to kill time, feel lazy and be at ease. Let your child rest, catch up on his beauty sleep. Let them feel that it is vacation and not the usual routine of mom nudging to get up early and follow a schedule. On the other hand, the idea of getting up early too is excellent. Encourage them to engage in physical activities like cycling or playing outdoor games like badminton or cricket. The morning Sun is less intense and would definitely energize them. Camps that have these kinds of morning sessions can be a very good energetic break for the child. But, while we do all this we should ensure that they take good rest and have a good break from being busy.
  • Say bye bye to gadgets– Needless to say, we all know how gadgets damage the eyes and the well being of our tender kids. Just keep them away, and it has to be a strict no! Instead try engaging them to indoor or outdoor games which we played as children. Introduce them to the innocence of these games and maybe we as parents can engage in one to two games with them.
  • Art class: Introduce them to an art like painting or writing or craft. My son has this wonderful habit of making some toy stuff out of waste baskets or clothes and it just keeps him engaged for hours. Try this out as this will enable the child to open up and feel liberated. The immense pleasure of seeing their own creativity unfold and that sense of pride will only create positive vibes. 
  • Take them for leisure trip– I am sure you would have thought of taking them for leisure trips. These trips can be in our own cities, places in and around or even those places that you feel will be a good experience for your child. Take them to all those places where you have lived your childhood, or maybe even a museum, aquarium or the landmark sites of the cities that you have stayed in. 
  • Visit your relatives and friends– In our busy life we all have lost the personal touch with our own extended family members. Take your children to your relatives, let them know that we still believe in the Indian value system of visiting friends and relatives and that would create a belongingness of the child with his own family and cousins. 
  • Grandparent’s visit– As a kid, going to my aaji’s (grand mom) place was like a welcome change. My grandparents would also look forward knowing that their grandchildren will be staying with them for a brief period. My aaji would cook yummy snacks and me and my cousins would fill our stomachs and doze off for a lazy afternoon nap. The lunch used to be a special treat. Maybe it was a spoonful of love that she added in everything that she cooked. Suddenly you will find them energetic. Even the scorching heat would not hinder their efforts to take their grandchildren out in the park and for walks. Our children should know how to cherish this wonderful relationship. We, as parents, should consciously make an effort from our busy schedule and make our children believe in this too.
  • Village visit– Ever thought of going for a trip to the village! If not, please do. Take children away to the country side; let them see the untouched part of this lifestyle. Let them see that even when the village folks have no tech savvy gadgets but they are leading a very contented life. Make them aware that they live within their basic needs and have a self sufficient life. Take them to the farms, show them the farm fresh produce and make them try their hands at some of the jobs. Let their hands get dirty in the soil and let them also know the importance of this part of world as well.
  • Give them your time– The other day, while having my evening walk, my friend who is super busy with her work just said that now that it is summer vacation and I have taken a break for a few days. I am just going spend this time only and only with my daughter. Yes, as parents we all know that our child would definitely feel the closeness only when you create it for him. Being around them, make them feel special, pamper them, read out books for them.
  • Diet– Ensure your child follows a healthy diet and feels energetic to begin his new academic year. Summer heat is ruthless and is known for draining us out, but ensure we load the child with good diet and healthy drinks.

Let them enjoy their childhood, ultimately summer vacations are special and carry very beautiful memories later in life. We are well aware parents and we should ensure that these breaks should be breaks with a difference and not just preach them to be always on the serious learning mode. Enjoy with them, grow with them. I am sure they too will have these wonderful memories to take ahead. Have a fun filled holiday!!

Moushumi says- After 12 years of banking experience, I chose to take a sabbatical for my kids and be an enterprising mother. I am a Bachelor in Commerce, Masters in Finance Management and done diploma in creative writing .Writing is my passion and wish to develop it further. My husband is my inspiration to all my aspirations. I am a mother of two sons, my elder being 6 yrs old and younger about 1 month old . I love traveling and writing about places visited and every thought that fascinates me. All this can be read in my blog Life Bytes.