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Parenting Decoded: Traveling With Children

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart” said Confucius. We think he implied taking our children along wherever we go because, after all our kids are our heart and our soul! 🙂 Well, here are a few interesting posts from our contributors that sum up everything you need to know when you are taking your little ones on a trip. Right from medical checklist to road trip dos and don’ts, we have covered it all.

  • Three trips under her belt with her less than 10 month old Kanupriya has certainly mastered the art of travling with a baby. Her latest trip involved visiting 6 cities in 16 days! Wow! That is enough reason why you must pay heed to her advice of planning better when you are traveling with a child in tow.
  • But hey! No amount of careful planning will assure that things will go smoothly. Achanta narrates her first flight with her 9-month old alone. How all of the meticulous planning right from synchronising nap time to new toys went right out of the window.
  • For solo traveling moms (with babies of course), a flight journey does not always have to be tiresome. Uma particularly writes about how to make the best out of air travel with your little one.

Is there anything we missed out on? Tell us your travel mantras in the comments below.

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