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Road Trips

Sometimes few journeys, few moments drag your attention that your kid is growing fast, getting more observant.

Gone are the days, when I used to sit peacefully in the whole car journey and lay my kid down. Now I plead him to sit/sleep at least for some time in road trips. Road trips are now fun with him.

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Every time we cross any foot over bridge, “London bridge is falling down, falling down…” pops out from his vocal cords.

Chocolates make him sing, “kiss me… close your eyes…”  I never thought he can memorise the ads (apart from Chota Bheem, Mighty Raju episodes) so nicely.

Chasing sun (and its varying shades) with our fast moving car, placing it back to sky when we cross a tree or a tall building is our new game. So is catching up the colours and forms of the freely dancing flora on the sideways.

Petrol station meters (he calls it Katrol) have fast running meters (numbers for kids) to engage him. So are the chips (and free air inside them) and cookies kiosks just next to petrol stations.

We more than memorise his poem CD songs as we barely get a chance to listen to FM or any other songs. Courtesy, his ability to operate the car music system. (And it always reminds us of buying a new CD for him). And now the scene is, even when he is fast asleep, we still keep on listening to his poems forgetting and loosing the golden moment to change the mode to FM…

And on the way there are so many varying shapes, colours, objects for us to show him or vice versa. Be it a tree or group of fresh farms altogether, swollen grey clouds or crimson red setting sun, a cyclewala rushing perpendicular on a highway to reach the other end or a heavy truck overloaded with stuff and packed to neck.

There is much more felt and enjoyed on the way which cannot be explained and enlisted in a small scribble. Yearning to have another one with my little one. 🙂

Swati Jain is a mother of a 3-year-old and an Oracle consultant (computer engineer) for 7.5 years. She is a blogger by interest, happy by choice, observant and curious by nature. She loves simplicity and truth. Follow her blog at: