Memories To Make Their Hearts Smile

This incident happened 10 years back. My 3-year-old son refused to take the medicine (a bitter syrup) that I was holding in my hand. I sweet talked initially and finally when I was about to give up and force it down his throat.

Memories To Make Their Hearts Smile

My 5.4 year old daughter who was pedaling her tricycle came up with a suggestion. She said “Ma, Poke him in the bottom with a pin and he will open the mouth wide open. You can then give him the medicine”

My jaws dropped to the ground when I heard her suggestion. Now, where from did this 5-year-old pick up this idea. She continued pedaling and without my asking told, “You know that is how Tom does to Jerry when he refuses to take the poison. He pokes him in the bottom and when he opens his mouth to shout, he pours the poison into his mouth”.

Oh, Now I see! then it was the cartoon “Tom & Jerry” which gave her the idea.

But wait, it is not about the cartoon…

It is the same tender mind which refused to take the home-made Kheer when she was 6 or 7. Her reason was she didn’t want children.

Now a surprised me asked her what made her relate kheer with children. She replied her aunty from Bal Vihar class had recited a story from Ramayan. In the story, King Dasharath gave kheer to his wives and they bore him children after drinking the kheer. So, she didn’t want to drink the kheer and have children.

Now at 14 and 16 they laugh when I relate their childhood memories. My teens often come to me and ask me to relate their childhood stories.

“Life-long blessing for children is to fill them with warm memories of times together. Happy Memories become treasures in the heart to pull out on the tough days of adulthood” ~ Charlotte Davis Kasl

For the past 16 years, I have had many a joyous and beautiful moments as a parent. There were many pleasant moments, wonderful moments, tiring moments, frustrating moments, and proud moments and now as teenagers they give me many ‘Aha! Moments’ and revelation moments. These little ones whom I adored, pampered, admonished, cuddled have now grown up as lovely teenagers who sometimes give us advice, suggestions, help and argue with us too. After all that is what parenting is all about. Right? A mix of this and that, especially new age parenting.

Each parent would have many stories to tell about their children. These stories would have many moments which are cherishable, memorable and wonderful. Along with that many frustrating and tireful ones too. All these experiences could make each parent an author of a book.

I wish I had blogged them too some 15 years back. But, I wasn’t even aware of the blog world and hence started capturing them in stills and recorded them in an anti-fungal VHS.

I had recorded their first tumble, first baby steps, their baby talk, their rhyme time, prayer time everything on my camcorder and saved them in a VHS cassette (no CD’s then). All of them were lost when the anti-fungal cassette got corrupted. Most of the digital stills too were lost when our computer disk crashed.

But a few photos remain and along with these some written memories and some blog posts like this. It really feels nice to see young moms and dads recording their child’s milestones and lovely moments in some parenting blogs and here at Parentous. These blog posts are a wonderful read for me in my spare time and many times I am able to relate to their posts.

These blogs will survive and in later days serve to make our children’s hearts smile when they are grownups.

Asha Balakrishnan is a hardware design engineer by profession, a certified online grader for SAT, GRE, GMAT and other essays by choice, A SAHM, a blogger. Born in Chennai, brought up in Bangalore and now she calls Hyderabad her home. A mother to two teens aged 15 and 13.

  • True, remembering the wonderful memories of the past, always fill our hearts with joy. I have captured a lot in the form of videos (I have saved them at a lot of places) and I love storing the memories captured by camera in albums. So, we have a big pile of albums, which we love to see from time to time. Just the other day, Aaryan saw his videos on my laptop, and he asked me so many questions about the times then.
    Talking of what the kids learn from TV and all around… it’s simply amazing. Few days ago, Aaryan had to leave for his basketball class, and I suggested him to lock the home and leave the keys with the neighbors. He said, “why don’t I leave it under the door mat kept outside?” I was stumped. I asked him, where he got this idea from, and he said, “an English movie”!

    • oh yes, albums are the best way to store i suppose, wise choice compared to tapes and CD’s. Ironically, i found the tapes were corrupted only when i took it for CD conversion. Reliving memories together with our children is a nice of expressing our love and bonding, shilpa. More such times to you and Aaryan.
      LOL at Aaryan’s idea of keeping keys under the door mat 🙂

  • Roshni

    Both the incidents with your daughter are so funny!! Those memories are definitely worth recording so you can read it again and again!!

    • Thank you, Roshni. Glad you find them so and yes i am sure each of us have loads of such memories to be recorded.

  • Memories stay best in the mind! When fungus warps the memory in the mind, it is love that becomes the cleaner. 🙂 (oh wow! How did I even come up with that)

    There are many though that are so focussed on capturing a moment for posterity that the present is missed! I guess ‘balance’ needs to find its place!

    Well articulated post ! Made me smile!

    • Oh wow! yes, how did you come up that……nicely put as usual in kavi’s way:)

      Present are memories of the future. It is a nice feeling to relive in older age especially. Glad it made you smile. Thank you:)

  • What lovely anecdotes about your children, you don’t need tapes to remember them, for they are permanently etched out in your mind.

  • Glad you find them lovely rama:) yes, some are permanently etched in mind. Thank you 🙂

  • Lovely Post !!!
    Children are such a lovely gift of God. They truly bless you with their innocent love and smiles….
    and such lovely childhood memories keep us smiling even after they grow up and have their own kids…

  • very true Aarti. The beautiful smile and their innocent love will melt our hearts during difficult times and add more joy durng beautiful times.

    And yes….even after they grow up. Children’s happiness are of prime importance to any parent. We have to learn to nurture them with unconditional love.
    Thank you aarti.

  • Dear Asha,

    Very true. I too remember the loving memories that my son has given me and continues to give me even today. Although, I still do have to go through the terrible teens as they say. But, your post was lovely and made me flashback into time….

  • Terrible teens will pass too and make terrific memories to give you another flash back for the future. I am sure you will cherish them, Thank you, Shail.