• Awww, the anxiety of being a new mother, its hard. Just be yourself, and give yourself a break. A mother comes with a home team advantage, the kid already loves you. Rest is superficial

  • Gita

    Just loved…loved…loved it!! Same was (and is) the case with me! I was (and is) so much desperate about doing everything myself for my lil one!! As if I was born as a ‘perfect’ mother!! Grhhhhh!!! 😉

  • Divya

    Well articulated …
    “I have learnt to be less judgmental I have instead learnt to watch other mothers handle their babies.”
    I relate to this… Motherhood has taught me so many things, still learning, mending and growing …

  • Motherhood, I feel is a life long tutorial. Everyday there is something new to be learnt. 🙂

  • Wonderful article! Not giving up can do wonders for breast Feeding!:)

  • Keeping your baby on Breast Feed is really…really difficult but not giving up is the best thing to do…:)