• Yes now its all about learning how to raise a son ! Good post

  • Nice post Medha… Though I don’t have a son, I know this is the need of the hour.

  • Roshni

    I agree; we should raise good human beings who will respect and empathize with others irrespective of gender!

  • Yes, the bottomline, no matter whether you have a son or a daughter, is to teach them to respect another person.

  • @vevisia @Falak Randerian @Roshni @Reema Sahay glad you all think the same way. It’s really absurd to cover women from head to toe because men gets instigated seeing the skin of women! If a man is really that “strong” then why can’t he guard his own “loose” urges?

    He should be made slave to morality and that begins at home right from the birth of a male.

  • I know its the need of the hour…boys have to be taught the right things…and best way to teach respect for women is teach them house job :)…they will know what effort and dedication you need to do those thankless job… it will change the whole thing!..

    • Really Vandana M Khemka, agreed.

      That is the best and must do. The first and foremost thing is to teach them do all the work at home we women do without any dignity of labor and without any appreciation.