The Gold Nugget in the Plate

I have heard of a custom in some families in our country where the patriarch in the family is served his food in a plate which has a gold nugget in the centre.  It is said that gold is good for vitality and good health and the patriarch deserves that.

The Gold Nugget in the Plate

Rank favoritism.

I do agree that siblings by their very nature are rivals, sometimes the competition is healthy and sometimes the rivalry is bitter.

My sons think – both of them mind you, that I favour the other.  Nothing I say or do will convince them otherwise. In my defense, all I have to say is that it is purely circumstantial. There is a certain situation where you give more importance to one kid, and another situation where you favour the other.

And you get damned every time.

The older boy thought he was alpha male in the house for a long long time. The younger, the moment he could express himself did so in the rudest way possible. “You are not my father, so why should I listen to you?’

Total war.

I would intervene and it worsened the situation. There was a real possibility that this little family I was trying so hard to build would not last the moment they grew up.

Then sense prevailed … on me.

I backed out. And their grandmother, who did show open favoritism died. Both things worked. For months they warred, they said stuff to each other which was pure vitriol. Once they had worked it out of their system they became the closest of friends. They still are.

It works brilliantly for them.

There are times when the older one acts as the top honcho – the one who gets to eat in the plate with the gold nugget.

And then when he wants to be irresponsible, the younger one takes over.

So who gets the plate with the gold nugget in your house?

Ritu Lalit is the author of two novels, A Bowlful of Butterflies published by Rupa & Co., and Hilawi published by Popular Prakashan. She is a single parent and blogs at

  • thats the story of each house.. 🙂 we are three siblings with me being the eldest… so we take turns coming in the highlight depending on the situation at hand… but to be true, most of the times its me.. ;P some privileges of being the eldest.. hehe 🙂

  • interesting correlation of the goldnugget to sibling rivalry, 🙂

    sibling rivalry/revelry happens in my home too, Ritu. Only here the difference is i have a elder girl and an younger boy. ofcourse, like in your home the girl, older to the boy by 2.4 years has the upper hand and at many times , the younger one shows he is supreme too. Any favor from my side will result in their crying “gender discrimination”. Most often it is my 13 year old who cries that:)

    I would like to add to your gold nugget fact. I’ve heard from my mil that in their ancestral homes, they had the gold nugget fixed in the silver plate that they ate. and, it was not the privlege of men but even women in our community. The traces of the minerals were considered good for health like you have mentioned. Even today, it is practiced in some homes.

  • Ah!

    I have a little sister and she totally has the gold nugget for Life! 🙂
    But you know what, I like it that way. It is good to take the back seat, make sure the younger one does not fall but small little strikes here and there are bound to happen.

  • Roshni

    Oh, that would be me!! 😀

  • desi Traveler

    Well I guess it is same story every where. Our two girls keep on accusing us to favor the other one., and this happens simultaneously!