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The Story Of A Haircut

Zoe like a toddler her age, hates getting into a new situation. A haircut was a situation which meant constant howling, crying and lots and lots of shouting.

The Story Of A Haircut

I told Zoe all kind of stories and showed her a lot of YouTube videos to make her understand what is a haircut all about. There is obviously a reason why I did that. Last time (a year back), I took her to Divas and Dudes- a kiddie salon which has cars to sit in and get a haircut. There were also LCD screens to keep the kid entertained. Unfortunately, Zoe didn’t like any of that and she cried and cried and cried some more. So we got her back without the cut.

This time around, a haircut was necessary… coz Zoe has started school and she hates getting her hair combed. I obviously can’t send her to school without tying her waist length hair. It was a very tough decision to take, letting to go of her curls was heart breaking.

This Saturday, after my class… I told Faizan we need to go for a haircut. Convincing Faizan was tougher… He didn’t want to take us to the salon, then he said ‘I’m sitting outside in the car, you guys go ahead.’ I had to convince him to come up, as I knew Zoe would shriek and shout and it would be tough for me to handle her alone. Finally, when we reached up, we knew Zoe would create a scene… she didn’t sit on the chair. We had to ask the stylist to cut her hair while she was in Faizan’s lap. Zoe was quiet after some time and she was okay after the haircut.

Then something happened, that I didn’t expect would happen. Faizan was in the worst of moods… he thought I took Zoe for a trim but I got her hair cut real short (a little over her shoulder.) Faizan was so upset, he wasn’t talking to me anyways, but he didn’t even talk to Zoe for a good 30 minutes.

Now we have reached home… Zoe loves her hair but Faizan still needs time to get over the chop chop.

So you see… I thought it would be just Zoe who I will have to deal with but now I’m left here dealing with another kid… hope he gets over it soon else I have to get a wig for Zoe. 🙂

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