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Fathers And Their Role In Our Lives

The celebration of Father’s day has caught up in India and it’s celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm in India as in other countries. The celebrations lured me into writing an article on fathers and their importance in a child’s life.

Role Of Father In Child's Life - Parenting

It’s a universal fact that fathers play a vital role in a child’s upbringing. They stand as a source of inspiration, a source of encouragement, strength and support. Kids, especially boys look up to their fathers as their heroes. Gone are the days where fathers only took care of the monetary needs of the family.

Being a father requires ‘involvement’ and ‘sensitivity’. Its involvement of the mind, heart and body for fruitful results in the child’s upbringing. And that’s not easy considering our fast pace of living today. Fathers require to be sensitive to understand the child’s needs – emotional, spiritual and physical.

But unfortunately there are still a few kids, who are not lucky enough to be blessed with understanding fathers. Personally, I’ve seen many a times fathers discouraging their kids, mocking the child’s physical appearance and so on. They rebuke them at a drop of a hat. When kids are in the growing stage these harsh words could form dark impressions on a child’s heart and mind.

This treatment towards them comes as a big blow as the child is in the stage of forming an identity. He’s learning to form a relationship with himself or herself and if that relationship is destroyed, it could change the kid’s life and his world forever.

The child’s self confidence can be broken as he or she is going through an impressionable stage. Everything heard, seen and felt is carried forward into adulthood. This is the reason every father would have to put breaks and monitor every word or action that is uttered and undertaken.

A tap on a child’s back and a few encouraging words are essential to a child’s self confidence and growth. When uplifting words are uttered from a father’s mouth it makes a lot of difference to the child as a father is always seen as a role model and an idol.

Having said that, fathers also need to set certain guidelines and boundaries that kids need to adhere to. If they are brought up within a healthy environment adhering to these guidelines, they would turn out as strong and healthy individuals.

Most children are blessed with motivating and inspirational fathers nowadays as the modern man is well educated about parenting and its effects. The presence and absence of a father makes a major difference. I think the best gift that a child and father can gift each other on father’s day is to nurture a beautiful relationship that would last a life time.

I’m Diana Pinto mother of a three-year-old son. I’m a housewife and a blogger. My interests include listening to music, dancing and now of course writing. I’ve developed an interest in writing recently and hope to inspire people and bring a change through it. I blog at Diana’s musings.