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Teaching Patriotism To Kids


We have just finished celebrating Independence Day therefore, it is a good time for teaching patriotism to kids, share the concepts of desh bhakthi and national pride. As parents, our main concern is to give our children clear message of what national pride is. Here are some ideas to weave into your conversations, and to show by example.


1. India is made up of people – to serve our country means to take care of each other. If all Indians have enough to live on, and live decently, we are going to be a proud country!


2. Sharing irrespective of caste, creed and religion, should be our manifesto rather than giving kids political lessons and the pros and cons of the political parties

3. Appreciating Indian culture, food and art – teach them to delight in the knowledge of India’s great educational beginnings and its very firsts in the areas of Maths, university education, natural wealth and rich cultural heritage. Look out for story telling workshops that concentrate on folk tales.

4. A love and complete respect for the national flag and the national anthem. I see too many parents fidgeting and whispering when the national anthem is being played. Kids learn by example.

5. Never miss a flag hoisting session on days of national importance – and it’s a good time to go over the protocol for flag hoisting before the event, and talk about it after the event.

It is these little things that add up and help our kids grow into proud citizens. Let’s develop a feeling of self worth for our kids and for the country we love! Let the bond that unites us despite diversities grow strong.

Jai Hind!

Sharon Colaco D’Souza is a mother of two kids, a girl and a boy. She is a business management post graduate, and works as a content strategist for a living. She is passionate about home decor and design, and blogs at The Keybunch. Parenting is ‘that continuously-unravelling mystery’ for her and she views Parentous as a great place for parenting information, as well as a place to share her own parenting discoveries. She is currently working on a book idea on indigenous architecture and hopes to see it to fruition!