A Warm Letter To Dad!

If you have to blame one person for setting astonishingly high standards for all the other men in your life, there’s just one obvious choice – Your Daddy!


Fathers are a daughter’s first love and a son’s first hero! A support system whose value you realize a little more each day 😀 It is very tough to always remain strong & your dad is he who dons that role in your life. Despite being tired after office, he’ll take you out for ice-cream in the night because he understands how important spending quality time with family is. You will see daddy’s face beam with pride at each of your little successful endeavours & he’ll shout at you when you’re wrong because he aims at making you a better person.

We celebrate Father’s Day on June 15, 2014. A day to value and appreciate everything dads do with just one main reason behind it all – YOU!

You don’t say ‘Love You Dad’ everyday for the zillion things he does for you without a second thought. Wouldn’t it make him feel wonderful to hear you say that?

We know you appreciate everything he does. ‘Write A Letter To Dad ?& let him know why he is your role model.’ ?

Sometimes, going old school is better! Don’t SMS or Whatsapp a Happy Father’s Day text.

Instead write a warm, http://pharmacy-no-rx.net/cialis_generic.html heartfelt letter to Dad & submit it for our Father’s Day Contest 2014!

Team Parentous ?in association with BlogAdda? brings your way this activity, to make your father feel special on a day dedicated just to him. Tell him what he means to you! Share every emotion that defines your relationship with Dad!

Let’s make this more fun! You can also click a selfie with your dad and post it on your blog along with the letter. We’d love to see your hero & you all smiley in a frame!

You can even create videos about your role model and tell us how he inspires you!

We’ve got prizes that will blow your mind!

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  • Kiran Gupta

    I am writing a Letter To Dad as a part of #MyRoleModel activity by Gillette India in association with BlogAdda.comMy
    father is #MyRoleModel because he is somebody I can look up to . My father no
    matter what he’s doing always seems to choose the right. My father, or
    as I like to call him, Dad, has always been their for me and I feel this
    is a great quality for someone to have. Being their for me does not
    just mean taking me places of things along that line like you may be
    thinking. Being their for me is helping me out if I have a problem and
    taking steps to help me work through it. Other qualities that my father
    along with probably many other heros have are trust and understanding,
    loyalty and friendship, a sense of humor. dedication and knowledge. Put
    all on these qualities along with just a great all around guy and you’ve
    got my dad! Love U Dad

    • parentous

      Hi Kiran,

      Thank you for sending us the post. It would be great if you could put it on your blog and submit the blogpost url to us.

  • parentous

    Hi Smitha,

    Thank you for sending us the post. You need to post this on your blog and share the link here.