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Are You Being An Overprotective Parent?

I interact with parents on a daily basis, and I find some of them taking parenting too seriously. I know it is a huge thing when you have to raise a child. I’m talking about parents who want to take care of every little thing their child needs.

Are You Being An Overprotective Parent?

All of us want the best for our child, but we cannot be there standing on their heads 24*7… Can we? I know we as parents want to protect our little one at every step, but is that possible?

Studies show overprotective parenting results in high anxiety levels of kids. Also a kid brought up by an overprotective mum/dad has a high chance of becoming completely dependent on someone or the other for life. You, as a parent might do anything for your child, no one else would. You might think your kid is too small to take care of themselves, believe me, you will NEVER accept the fact that your child has grown up. I feel, I cannot be with Z 24*7 and she needs to learn how to be on her own… in the school, day care, playground, activity centers et al. Every child needs to fall and learn a few things themselves which no mom/dad will teach them. I do not want to keep Z in a protective bubble where she knows nothing about ‘her’ world. I want her to go out there and explore her little world.

Every child needs a lot of growing up to do… do them a favor and let them do the growing up their way. Believe me, you will play the most important role, but don’t let your child know that. I read a piece in Psychology Today which states, “Middle-class parents especially assume that if kids start getting into difficulty they need to rush in and do it for them, rather than let them flounder a bit and learn from it. I don’t mean we should abandon them, but give them more credit for figuring things out.”

I thank my stars when I look back and see how chilled out my parents were… and I always knew they are there for me but I also knew I will have to take my own decisions. This is the most important lesson I have learned from my parents and I wish to raise Z without being too protective, just like my parents did. Here is my advice (take it if you like)’just loosen the grip and relax a little…. Let your children learn and unlearn on their own… let them fall and stand up on their own.’ Believe me, you’ll be happier and your kids would be the happiest.

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