• Honest post, it is.

  • Thanks Amrita

  • Preeja

    I thought i was only one who was going through such feelings…whenver i used to see women so excited with their full time mummy job..i used to get upset as i used to find it difficult to spend entire time with kid.. 🙂

    keep the work going….

    • Sirisha

      Thanks Preeja, yes it’s nice to know we aren’t alone.

  • Priti

    Good post. It takes guts to write the truth. Everyone in their life goes through depression and they may or may not be treated or come out of it. Its good to talk and share and thanks for this initiative. Hopefully lots of Mummies would benefit from this.

    • Sirisha

      Priti thanks for writing in your comments 🙂

  • Very well expressed Sirisha. So much of parenting is a long walk alone! Especially if you are in a nuclear family set-up. And bravo for showing the gumption and wherewithal to get out of the depressing odds 🙂

    • Sirisha

      thanks Nidhi 🙂 all thanks to blogging and fellow mommy bloggers I felt a lot better and it’s fun too..

  • Rajashree

    That’s a really honest write-up Siri. I guess it must be difficult to reveal such emotions . Really happy that you could come out of the phase .

    • Thanks for commenting Rajashree! It means a lot 😀

  • Loved each word of this post….You echoed my voice 😀
    I had been through same set of feelings and also felt guilty that I am not able to enjoy motherhood from my heart like others do. Those days were really hard 🙁
    But then I started blogging and kept myself busy with my interest….however as my kid one of the super-active toddler now, I hardly get any time for anything apart from keeping an eye on her 🙂
    This post would turn out be a soothing for all the new mommies who can relate to it.

    • From the comments, I feel that every new mommy must go through what we went through Nibedita. But no one ever tells out. It probably must be the biggest mommy guilt.

      Thanks for commenting. I am heading to your blog now 😀

  • To be sure, parenting a small baby is a pretty boring job…people don’t like to say this, but it is. You did a good thing by taking action to overcome it!

    • I still digress away from saying I got bored with the baby . I only got bored when she slept. Might be my mommy guilt talking still. 🙂

  • Hats off to you,Sirisha!! You have shown the way to several mommies. Good post….very absorbing.

    • Thanks Usha .. 🙂 Thanks for reading and liking it.

  • This describes the ‘baby blues’ so well! The euphoria of a pampered pregnancy, and recovery period makes one forget that eventually, you are going to be alone with the baby, and the days filled with burping and changing diapers. Beautifully written!

    • Thanks for reading and the generous comments Meena 🙂