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A Tribute to Mothers

MUMs will be MUMS… I love them all.

A Tribute to Mothers

She was never fond of cleaning the messes that she did not create.
She was not one of those who could sacrifice everything to anything.
She hated to be awake till late nights.
She would never compromise on her pinks and blues.
She was always a delicate beauty not a Super-woman.

Yesterday they were girls, became wives… and then young Mothers. The above lines are about five sweet MUMS, whom I have known personally. They were young, vivacious, pretty girls who had colourful dreams in their eyes. They only talked freedom and wished only for laughter. They fought and argued innocently. They loved to be careless and funky. But one special day when they realise they are MUMs to be…. first they pinch themselves to believe it’s true and when they realise they have a life within themselves, they simply amaze us. How?

MUM is magical…

Arunima di would run away from house chores. She would never help her Mum with the cleaning activities. She cribbed mopping and cleaning. She was excessively fanatic about cleanliness and her clean looks. She even avoided shaking hands with strangers. She would keep away from the minuteness of mess. When she had her son, we thought she would just hand over him to the granny for all the cleaning purposes but she didn’t. She did not enjoy initially and it was difficult for her but gradually she would clean all the mess by herself. She became more responsible and acceptable to the change in her. We were all so appreciative of the change in her.

Mango Mumma…

Shweta di was never superstitious; she was the first Engineer of the family. The second best thing the family knew about her was she was crazy for mangoes. Summers were the time when she could go to any extent to relish her juicy mangoes. When her second child, the baby girl was born, the child was not healthy. She visited several doctors and fought for her cure but nothing acted magical. Finally she contacted our family Acharya ji. He only asked her for one thing that she had loved eating forever. It had to be Mangoes. He advised her to sacrifice her love for mangoes for the health of her daughter. From that moment, even after 10 years she has never tasted mangoes. It’s unbelievable for the family. We lovingly call her Mango Mumma.

MUM goes sleepless…

She was immensely fond and punctual of her sleep. Mona Di never let anything come in between her sleeping time-table and her sleep until her twins braved it. They would sleep all day but they never let her sleep in the night. For few weeks she could not cope up with the change but Mums will be Mums. With all her courage and love, she would work all day and then baby sit her babies till they slept in the dawn. Hence our sleeping beauty had just a few hours to catch up with her sleep. This went on for months but our new Mom never complained about her sleepless nights.

MUM becomes all WHITE…

Poonam Di was married into a community of Jammu locals. They had a special tradition to follow. Once a son is born, it becomes a mandate for the mother to wear only white for the next three years. This is considered to bring good luck to the baby. The instant she was told of it, she was surprised but she had to follow. She misses her colourful dresses but does not compromise on the tradition. She never loved white but then she manages to look pretty in whatever comes her way. I marvel at this special Mum too.


When everyone discouraged her that she could never learn driving at the age of 50, it was my MUM who decided that she would take us all for a ride all by herself. She did this for me because I hated being the only driver of my family. One day I had said that I desired to be driven, I complained to her that I miss sitting on the passenger seat and that very moment she had decided she would learn it for me. She decided that she would take me around for a trip just like I did for her. After a few months of her practise and determination, she surprised me on day when she came to pick me after my office. I was dumbfounded and could not hold my tears. My Mum is no less than a Super Mom.

Mothers are so special. They do so much for us. The above stories are all real and have really made me realise that being a mother is a feeling which is out of the world. We come across many mothers in our surroundings and each one of them has a special story about her. Mothers always go an extra mile to keep her child happy. But what amazes me, is the transformation a girl undergoes the moment she realises she has a child to take care. With each passing day our Mothers have so much to give to us. They are simply the BEST.

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