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Ten Point Guide To Better Parenting

I know… I know… when you read the heading I am sure that this question would have come to your mind – “How can Parenting be put under just 10 points?”

Yes, it cannot be summarised in just 10 points, nor I am going to try doing that.

I am attempting to put down ten points of Parenting, which I adhere to as a parent. It’s easier said than done. Out of the many things, to decide on just 10 points, is quite difficult.

1. When kids suggest something new / different / innovative / something to oppose a tradition or custom, do not snub them outright, with a plain NO. Listen to their story, their version and if need be either accept their idea or put across your take on that.

2. Always stand up for your kid, no matter what, in front of others. This will help your child to trust you and come to you for any problems they face. If there is something to be corrected in the kid’s behaviour, it can be told later on a one to one basis.

3. It always works when good things done by children are appreciated and small bad things are best ignored. And appreciation with a smile, hug and reassuring words of love are great motivators.

4. Parents expressing love to each other in front of kids is certainly not a bad thing. Alternatively, it’ll reassure the child that such love is possible and the word “love” is certainly not dirty, as they learn from the peers. And hugs from parents always teach the children on the good touch-hug.

5. Always try not to talk about issues of in-laws relationships when children are around. It might spoil a healthy and happy grand parent-grand daughter bonding.

6. Always teach your child to be sensitive to elders and their needs. And let them see how well you care for your parents, in their old age.  They’ll automatically try to help the elders in the family.

7. Never scream / hit or go hysteric when children don’t listen to you. Silence is even more powerful than all these. Try it once and then you can make your child do wonders.

8. Teach them all the dirty language known to you, but make sure they don’t use them at all. It’s just to make them aware of it all, so that they know when it’s being used against them.

9. Always insist on saving – money / water / electricity. Show them the less privileged around us and insist on not wasting food. This is one of the precious lessons that we can teach our child.

10. Finally, children are great imitators. So, make sure that you behave exactly the same way that you want your child to behave.

Please do share your parenting point, which we can add up to this list.

Uma Srinivasan is a mother of two teenagers.  While she loves to blog, her daughters help her don hats like Chef / Baker / Parenting Consultant and many more. She manages three blogs, Blog on parenting & every-day conversations, My attempt to fall in love with this city called Chennai and Attempt at sharing my recipes with the world.