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A lesson I learnt

I think back. The family was planning for a holiday. The whole family, including my mother-in-law, my husband’s brothers and their families, wanted to meet during Christmas. No special planning, just time together was the agenda.

And the place decided upon was Bangalore.

For the four of us, visiting Bangalore was always so inviting. We never refuse an opportunity to visit this favourite city of ours, even though we had visited it many a times. And the chill wind during Christmas was a welcome change to the terrible humidity of Chennai.

One fine morning, I and the husband took all the kids out for visiting The Forum, to go for a ride in the new Metro, to walk the Brigade road. Since all of them were in the teens, we didn’t have much problem in taking half-a-dozen kids around.

When we were about to wind up for the day, my daughter saw those cute badges in various colours and designs. She immediately decided to buy a few, to clip it on to her school bag. Immediately, all the teens got down to choosing their favourite ones.

I first saw my daughter pick up one star kind of smiley badge, which was so her. She is a star in my life and I loved it when she picked up that badge for herself. Then we paid the bill and finished wandering, came back to the hotel room.

Then I saw the cover of badges and asked the teens to take what they liked and bought. That’s the time I saw my daughter holding a different set of badges, minus the star smiley thingy.

I felt bad that I missed to buy it for her.

Then I saw it my daughter’s cousin’s hand. I asked my daughter why she didn’t buy what she liked.

Her answer stumped me then and even now.

“Ma, only one of the star smiley badges was available. Since she liked it, I gave it to her. She is my cousin Ma and I don’t mind giving away my favourite thing to her. And you only told, the more I give, the more I’ll receive”.

And I am glad that my daughter understands such lessons in life and never fails to impart a few to me!!!

Uma Srinivasan is a mother of two teenagers.  While she loves to blog, her daughters help her don hats like Chef / Baker / Parenting Consultant and many more. She manages three blogs, Blog on parenting & every-day conversations, My attempt to fall in love with this city called Chennai and Attempt at sharing my recipes with the world.